Airsoft Battles Bring Video Games to Life

by Allia Vidmer on January 18, 2010

Video games have become the number one distraction for kids these days. With increasingly realistic graphics and ever improving quality, they never want to get out of the house anymore. The world that video games offer provides a unique outlet for kids to escape reality. Whether there are troubles at home or at school, they have the ability to curl up and get lost in an alternate, animated world. While this can possibly have positive affects, it ultimately does them a disservice. Instead of hiding themselves away alone, it is important for kids to develop personal relationships and get regular exercise through more active pursuits. While it is difficult to get most gamers interested in organized sports, there is one activity sweeping the nation that has the ability to capture their imaginations and get them out of the house. The sport of Airsoft has never been more popular. It combines the elements kids love in video games with the activities they need to maintain the healthy, active lifestyle they need.

Exercise used to be something that parents did not have to coerce their kids into doing. In the past, almost every child would jump at the chance to get out and enjoy competitive sports. Baseball, football, and basketball were the choice activities and kids genuinely enjoyed them. Staying active is one of the most important things kids can do to lead a healthy, long lasting life. Along with providing a well balanced diet, parents can promote positive living by simply signing their kids up for sports or other active pursuits. Not only do they get valuable exercise, but the simple act of being outdoors produces positive effects for kids’ bodies and psyche. In addition to the physical effects, the relationships and camaraderie kids build through sports carry through the rest of their lives. Video games cannot offer the personal interaction and life long friendships that sports help develop. Life requires certain interpersonal skills. While some of these skills are developed in school, there is no substitute for what sports and other competitive activities teach.

Many parents want to get their children interested in competitive activities, but do not know how. If they do not want to get off the couch and away from their video games, how can parents entice them to get out of the house? Recently, the sport of Airsoft has begun to provide the solution. While many gamers are not interested in sports, they are interested in the competition video games provide. This new sport combines the best qualities of both.

It is very similar to a video game in many aspects. Players run around a designated course, trying to hunt and defeat an enemy. With so many Airsoft weapons available, players can upgrade their equipment to give themselves an edge on the competition. It takes strategic planning and cooperation with other players. Many video games offer online, cooperative play in which the players communicate with each other through headphones and advise each other where to go and what to do. It is the same here, only with an outdoor setting and much more activity.

Getting avid gamers away from the computer has become more and more of a chore for concerned parents. The world offered by video games is more enticing than the one offered by the great outdoors. Parents have a hard time understanding this phenomenon because childhood in their day was much different. They did not have the option to spend their days on the couch playing video games or watching television. The outdoors and competitive sports were what gave them joy and many of them want to instill those values back in to their kin. The opportunities presented by Airsoft have opened up a new, active world for the gaming world. It has taken the video games outdoors and offers the benefits of competitive sports with the imagination of video games. Finally, there is a way to get the kids out of the house while appeasing all parties involved.

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