Choosing Gas Stoves: A Napoleon Stove is Ideal

by Allia Vidmer on January 13, 2010

Like gas fireplaces, gas ones come in three options, each one chosen for the type of venting you need to use. The natural vent stove requires a chimney and is used mostly for decoration as its heat output is not that high. If you live in a warmer climate, the natural vent stove may be right for you for it can be aesthetically pleasing and offer enough heat to make you happy. Natural vent stoves use room air for combustion which is why their heat output is so low. Selecting a natural vent stove is thus not the best choice for people wanting to heat their homes efficiently and warmly.

The direct vent stove vents horizontally through a wall or vertically through the roof and thus needs the right type of venting, usually a coaxial pipe system, with a small pipe within a large pipe. The outer pipe pulls in the air from outside needed to heat while the inner pipe then returns the flue exhaust outside. Therefore, direct vent gas stoves require no chimneys so installation is versatile. You can even put one under a window. It’s very safe because no inside air is used for combustion. A fine Napoleon stove in a direct vent style is the Castlemore. This stove comes with your choice of fluted glass or regular glass to suit your preference. It also comes in many color options – painted black, wrought iron, porcelain majolica brown, summer moss, metallic black and winter frost – so one is sure to go with your décor. You can also choose natural gas or propane models. In addition, its top or rear vent makes installation easy. This stove is tall, slender and sexy, with a European design that’s as contemporary as it is classic. For an amazing fire presentation, it comes with the Phazeramic burner technology and Phazer hand painted ceramic log set for wood burning fire realism. In fact, you’ll have a hard time telling the difference. The stove’s built-in Night Light has an on/off switch for your convenience and the 100 percent Safe Guard system that turns the gas off in an emergency. Up to 25,000 BTUs will heat a room of up to 1200 sq. ft., so the Castlemore offers more than the usual direct vent ones.

If you’re looking for the easy installation of vent free gas stoves, go for the Arlington cast iron Napoleon stove. It features European styling just like the Castlemore with exquisite details that make it perfect for any room in your home. Up to 23,000 BTUs emerge from it, although you can turn down the heat to 18,000 BTUs for maximum comfort. This has a porcelain reflective panel that creates the illusion of 2 fires as well as the same Phazeramic burner technology and Phazer logs as the Castlemore. Because it requires no electricity to start or operate, it’ll work even when the power doesn’t. It has the all important Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) that turns off the gas if oxygen levels fall too low, a safety screen, built-in adjustable flame and heat control and the same 100 percent Safe Guard system as the Castlemore. It’s also tested as a heater to ANSI heating standards. And you can choose this in natural gas or propane, too. The painted black finish this stove comes in makes it perfect for any décor and is economical, too. This, like all vent free stoves, operates at 99.9 percent efficiency, so you know you’ll save on your heating bills with one of these.

Choosing from the many gas stoves available is easy once you know the options that exist and the features you can get. A Napoleon stove is guaranteed to give you a lifetime of enjoyment and function as it has a limited lifetime warranty. So purchase your stove with peace of mind.

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