Consider Diploma Frames with Extra Touches

by Allia Vidmer on January 18, 2010

Today’s college graduates usually get diploma frames after graduation so they can display their degree either at home or in their new office when they start a career. Although you can certainly get a simple, basic frame for your degree, you should be aware of the many elegant options now available that can help you showcase your achievement with some extra style.

The most traditional diploma frames hold your diploma in the center with single or double matting around it, then a frame of either hardwood or metal. These are simple, attractive and clearly display your degree for the world to see. If you’re longing for something out of the ordinary, however, you should consider investing in one of the many frames that also tell a bit more about you and your alma mater.

You can order a diploma frame that has two separate spots cut in the matting so that you can display your diploma on one side and something else on the other. The most popular choices for the second spot are either a graduation photograph of yourself or the announcement of your commencement exercises. If you had graduation portraits taken that turned out well, this is a lovely way to commemorate your achievement and display a recent picture of yourself.

Diploma frames with photographs are also a lovely gift for graduates to give to their parents as a thank you for all their support. They can have a color copy of their actual diploma put in the frame with the graduation portrait for a gift their parents will always cherish.

Some people aren’t interested in a photo of themselves, but like the idea of displaying the graduation announcement or commencement invitation. This is becoming more popular ever year as more colleges and universities are sending out announcements that are truly works of art. It’s also the perfect way to preserve a memento of a very important day.

A more decorative and elaborate option is to invest in one of the many frames that also feature a photograph of the college or university. These usually feature a snapshot of a particularly recognizable setting on campus, the main building, or in some cases a photo of the college alumni center or other landmark. If you go to a large university that’s instantly recognizable, this is a nice way to highlight your diploma. It’s also very popular with students who attended small colleges that have picturesque architecture or unusual landmarks.

There are also frames available that are like shadow boxes. These usually feature your diploma on the left, with a smaller section on the right in which to display your graduation tassel. They have a lovely depth to them and a three dimensional appeal that you can’t get with more traditional framing options. It’s especially nice if your graduation tassel came in your alma mater’s school colors. If you graduate with honors and were awarded special cords to wear with your gown, you can have these framed with your diploma to commemorate having graduated with honors.

With so many options to choose from, you will want to take the time to shop around and compare the various styles before investing in the framing you like for your diploma. But whatever you do, don’t skip framing your diploma. You worked hard to get to graduation, and the right diploma frames can capture your achievement forever.

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