Fire Magic Grills: The Best Barbeque Islands Around

by Allia Vidmer on January 14, 2010

Fire Magic Grills have been making quality barbeque islands for 70 years in Los Angeles, so they have the quality of US craftsmanship – and it shows. Though not the best known brand in America, it is the best brand of grills. High-end quality meets three lines of grills, the Echelon, the Aurora and the Legacy. The Echelon is the luxury line while the Legacy is the most affordable. However, all have the features you want.

The Echelon won the prestigious Vesta award at the most recent national barbeque show for the best new gas grill on the market. No doubt this is so because of its many advanced features. First of all, it has an integrated smoker. It also features a unique burner system of cast stainless steel E Burners and removable zone dividers that give you no hot or cold spots, creating independent cooking zones. Hot surface ignition, also included in these, ensures that the Echelon series lights even in the rain. Also, these have built-in LCD thermometers and grill thermometers that have 4 sensors inside the grill, so the temperature of the cooking surface of each grill is always known. Included, too, are stainless steel meat probes that allow you to get the meat on your rotisserie made to the ideal temperature. In addition, the rotisserie rod storage puts the rod right behind the hood. On the Echelon 1060, a power hood exists, the newest innovation of the Echelon line. Just hit a button on the remote and the hood raises and lowers itself automatically. One more feature makes the Echelon the finest grill on the market: the fact that you can lower and raise the hood with one finger because it is spring assisted and “Feather Light.” With all these features, it’s simple to see why these Fire Magic grills are the Lamborghinis of them.

Fire Magic Aurora series grills are the Infinitis of grills. They have fewer features than the Echelon series but still make for beautiful, practical and worthwhile barbeque islands. These have even heat distribution, eliminating hot and cold spots. Their cast iron stainless steel burners are 4-5 times thicker than on other grills and are warranted to work for life. Air shutters on the burners provide precision control of the gas to bring an even burn every time. Flavor grids also are included with the Aurora series grills; they vaporize the liquids that cause flare-ups. An electronic ignition lights every time, while a 12″ firebox beats out most grills’ 6-8″ deep ones. With the latter comes less chance of burnt food. Finally, these islands have stainless cooking grids on which the food doesn’t stick – without coatings that wear off with time on other grills. The Aurora series is almost as great as the Echelon – it just costs a little less.

The final type of grills is the Legacy series. This is the Honda of islands – reliable, long lasting and utterly affordable. Some of these grills have been produced since the brand started making grills and come in charcoal, countertop and the Deluxe grill, the original gas grill from Fire Magic. The Deluxe models feature 368 square inches of primary cooking space and 42,000 BTUs, so you know these will perform for years. Each cook zone also has its own control knob and electronic ignition. You can even add a cradle rotisserie to this model or any model with a back burner.

The variety of Fire Magic Grills and their variety of price points put them into the reach of any consumer and make for a great line of grills. Their thick stainless steel quality sets these barbeque islands apart from other lines. Indeed, these grills perform every time.

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