Great Golf Education Covers at least Eight Subjects

by Allia Vidmer on January 15, 2010

What do you think you would learn at a golf school? You might think that this type of school is designed to teach you how to play golf. While you will certainly learn that during your golf education, that’s not what the entire focus of your schooling is going to be. A good golf school will cover a wide range of golf-related topics in addition to teaching you to play the game. Eight topics that your school should cover before you graduate are history, development, skills, rules, etiquette, golf course management, pro shop operations, club fitting and career options. Look for these subjects when choosing a golf school.

The first thing that you are probably going to learn in golf school is everything that there is to know about the history of golf. You will learn how the game got started, how it developed differently in different parts of the world and who the key players are in the history of the game. It is important to have this background information regardless of what type of professional golf career you end up going into after graduation. Many schools will consider the development of the game to be its own topic area for study since it’s so important to understand the details of how the game has changed over time.

Once you have developed this foundation for your golf education, you’ll be ready to get out on the golf course and learn what the school has to teach you about the game. There are three major things that should be studied at this time: golf skills, golf rules and golf etiquette. Your school should teach you the advanced golfing techniques that will make you a high-level player. You should learn all of the rules of the game, even the ones that are somewhat obscure. This includes learning the different rules that relate to specific levels of competitive play. And finally, you should be taught about the unwritten rules (or etiquette) of the game. Many people use golf to do other types of business and knowing the right etiquette is critical for that.

After you have learned how to play the game, you are ready to learn all about the different career options that are available to you in the world of professional golf. Your school should teach you about many, many different job opportunities in golf. These opportunities range from working as a professional golfer to reporting on golf events. However, you should get more detailed instruction about the most common jobs and job duties. Specific things that you should learn would include club fitting, how a professional golf shop works and what’s involved in golf management. Since a majority of golf students end up doing something with one of these things it’s important for a great golf school to be on top of the game by teaching students about them.

Depending on the golf school that you decide to go to there are a lot of different things that you may learn. Some schools will have special classes designed to appeal to people who want to play golf internationally. Others will focus on golf course jobs that are common at resorts or country clubs. However, it isn’t these interesting niche classes that you should pay attention to when you are looking at brochures and websites and trying to decide where it is that you want to go to get your golf education. Instead, you should be looking at the schools’ core classes. If a school offers the eight major subject areas described above then you can rest assured that you’re going to be getting a great well-rounded education in golf.

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