Improve Your Home’s Air with a HEPA Air Purifier

by Ben on January 6, 2010

We all want to lead a happy, healthy life. No sickness, no worries, just a happy life. That isn’t too much to ask for, is it? We don’t include a mortgage-free home, a nice car and a fat savings account. Just happy and healthy. Right. With the condition of the air nowadays that almost seems too much to ask for. Indoor pollutants are now as risky as outdoor’s. You aren’t even safe no more in your own home.

No there is something you can do about that, but how do you know you really need that? I am talking about a HEPA Air Purifier. One home is not as polluted as another, so maybe you need one, maybe you don’t. Here are a few suggestions to check if you are likely to need one to improve the quality of your indoor life.

When you come into the house, can you still smell what you cooked for dinner yesterday? Do you smell the pet? Or the cleaning product you used this morning? All very unpleasant but not health threatening. But there are also ‘odors’ you cannot smell. Those are the ones to be aware of: pressed wood furniture, a newly bought and laid carpet, paint… These odors are unhealthy to you and your family members, so better get rid of them as soon as possible.

How does your home look? We don’t mean to ask if you are tidy or not or that the decoration of your home is according to the latest fashion. What we mean is: what do you see on your furniture? Do you need to dust the house often? Does pet’s hair float around a lot? Do you see dust particles when the sun shines through your window? Any of these questions answered with ‘yes’? Then you probably breathe in a lot of dust daily. Even more weekly, yearly… Poor lungs, that have to filter out all those particles of dust… How long do you think they will hold the fort? With an air purifier you save your lungs and thus your health. Not to mention the costly bills of the doctor’s.

Home Sweet Home… if only so! Home is meant to be the place where you feel at home, where you can relax and restore your energy. However if you feel tired at home, not at ease, get headaches and get congested, your home might not be as sweet as you want it to be. It is full of air pollutants that make you slightly ill and not feeling good at all. Listen to your body that is trying to tell you something!

Whatever it is that is floating in the air of your house, it is high time to get rid of it and make your life healthier and therefore happier. A HEPA Air Purifier can give you just the help you need. A HEPA filter “catches” 99.97 percent of all the pollutants. That means you home can become a healthy home in no time at all.

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