Investing In a Wheelchair Lift

by Allia Vidmer on January 24, 2010

A wheelchair lift is more than just an accessibility device, it is a powerful message to those around you who have mobility issues that you care for their needs and are dedicated to serving them in every way possible. Whether you are thinking about adding one onto your home, onto the back of your vehicle, or onto your business, a wheelchair lift is a visible investment in the well-being and independence of the people around you who rely on scooters and wheelchairs on a daily basis to make their lives possible. It is an investment that will yield both tangible and intangible returns, in the form of increased business and increase happiness.

There are a variety of wheelchair lifts available to meet any and all of your needs. If you’re looking to add one onto your vehicle, either for a handicapped individual in your family or for your business transportation customers, there are both external and internal lifts which can help get mobility challenged individuals where they need to go easily and efficiently. External lifts are attached onto the back of your car, truck, or van, and provide a safe and secure platform to stow and transports scooters and wheelchairs. Internal lifts are best suited for SUVs or vans, and act as little mechanical arms to help hoist the at times heavy mobility devices into the vehicle.

If you’re looking for one for either your home or business, a vertical lift will do a superb job of safely moving your mobility challenged family members, friends, and clients up any small inclines or stairwells you have. These mechanized platforms can hold up to 600 pounds and move an individual twelve feet vertically. They may be installed quickly by professionals and cost only several thousand dollars with excellent warranties.

Yet the cost of either of these options, either for cars or buildings, is worth little compared to the priceless gains you will receive from having the device available to those who need it. If you are close to a mobility challenged individual, installing a lift in your home or personal vehicle sends a powerful message of love, support, and faith in their ability to be independent and highly functioning individuals in spite of her handicap. If you own a business, whether you currently have mobility challenged clients are not, installing a wheelchair lift at your place of business helps you stand out from your competitors as someone who truly welcomes clients of all situations and can help earn you faithful business for years to come.

Truly, investing in a wheelchair lift for either your home, vehicle, or business, is an act that will keep on giving both to those around you and to you. It will have a positive effect on all those around you with mobility issues, giving them confidence, independence and encouragement to be successful in their own lives. It will also have a positive effect on you because it will help you care better for those around you and make you more available to profitable and worthwhile business opportunities immediately and in the foreseeable future. Additionally, and in tangibly, by investing in one for your home or place of business, you are putting out a little bit of good karma into the world and doing something nice for your fellow man. While there may be personal benefits to doing such a thing, it is by and large a selfless act that contributes to the advancement and betterment of your entire community. It is an investment in yourself, your clients, your family and your collective future.

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