A Clear View: LCD Projector Rentals

by Allia Vidmer on January 18, 2010

If you showed up at a business meeting with one of those dinosaur projection systems from the nineteen eighties, you wouldn’t only lose the business but you would also be laughed out of the building. However, your business does not give enough presentations to justify purchasing an expensive new projector. Everyone knows that in today’s fierce economic climate you need every advantage you can get, and appearance and technological functionality are very important advantages. Don’t stress over spending budget money you don’t have on a fancy new projector system, instead utilize LCD projector rentals for those moments when making a good presentation in terms of appearance and content really matter.

LCD projectors are slowly becoming outdated thanks to the technological advances of the Internet and the ability to give presentations online. However, there are those instances where you will need a projector to showcase material to clients or train employees in a different branch office. Most often, the instances you will need to use a projector require traveling, and in addition to the high cost of a new projector the last thing you need to be worrying about when you’re on the road heading to a presentation is the safety of the projector and its delicate internal parts. This is where LCD projector rentals can really save the day.

LCD projector rentals allow you to call or go online and order the projection system of your choice to be delivered to you at any location within 24 hours. The rental service offers all of the major name brand projectors from Panasonic to Mitsubishi to Hitachi. In addition to being able to choose what brand name of projector rental unit you want, you can also choose specific features on the projector, such as the number of USB ports or the amount of Lumens used. All of these options give you ultimate control and access to exactly the device you need at the precise point you need it.

Many of the projectors you have access to through the rental service are expensive pieces of equipment that, if you were to purchase them yourself, would cost an arm and a leg not only to buy but to properly maintain. Some of these projectors require special cooling systems, special lights, and special transportation carriers to ensure they don’t get mishandled and broken. However, when using the rental service, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The rental service is responsible for maintaining the machines, safely delivering the machines to you, and picking them up when you’re finished. For the amount of times per year your business utilizes projectors, you can’t find a more convenient or more efficient deal.

The cost of using LCD projector rentals depends on the model you choose and how long you plan on using it. If your business does eventually need to purchase a projector, using a projector rental service can allow you to inexpensively and risk-free try out a variety of models and brand names before you buy so you can be sure you’ve chosen the right one for your business. Between the recession, higher client expectations, and the threat of downsizing at every turn, your business needs to be on the cutting edge of everything while maintaining a sensible bottom line. When you make your next presentation, be sure to look into renting your projecting equipment. Because remember, sometimes appearances, from the clothes you wear to the equipment you use, speak louder to your clients than any well-crafted speech or slideshow presentation.

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