Choosing an Online Leed Training Institute

by Allia Vidmer on January 21, 2010

For those wanting to get ahead in the design and construction business, there is increasingly one qualification that is becoming a must have. In a world that is ever more environmentally conscious, as well as an industry that is responding to this as and consumers’ desire for greener designed and built residential and commercial developments, the ability to show a LEED green associate certificate can help you stand out from the crowd.

There are a number of reasons for this; one of the most important is that to be awarded the certificate a candidate has to demonstrate the considerable commitment of time and finance. This level of dedication is important as it helps ensure that only those who can demonstrate such commitment will be awarded the certificate, thus establishing the status as industry leader.

It is not difficult to find somewhere to take the exam required to be awarded the certificate, but passing the exam is something else altogether. Although it is possible to study independently and pass the exam, it is only fair to state that this is by far the hardest way to do it and success is far from guaranteed, often resulting in expensive re-takes.

Then there are those things that are the bane of everyone who is studying on their own. Distraction and procrastination are the constant enemies of home study and even with the best of intentions, they can be hard to avoid.

Even if you have the strongest willpower in the world, that is not always enough. It can be extremely difficult to know how to plan and structure revision for such an exam. This can lead to an unstructured approach that can mean you end up being unprepared for the exam.

So what is the answer? The best plan is to look for an online training institute that can help you become focused by providing you with a detailed study plan. These can be worth their weight in gold. The reason for this is that the best training institutes will have previous experience in the exams you are studying for and will know how they are laid out and the kinds of questions asked.

Of course, they can’t tell you what the questions will be, but they will know how the exams are structured and therefore their study plan will focus on the areas you need to study and let you know roughly how much time should be dedicated to different areas, which can be invaluable knowledge.

Once you have realized that choosing a training institute is the best way to guide you to success, you will be faced with choosing which one to help you become a Leed green associate.

There are a few things to look out for that can help you sort the best training institutes from the rest. The first thing to look for (and almost certainly the most important) is to look for their pass rate. If a potential institute does not advertise its average pass rate, then ignore it. For the others, the higher the better and anything in the 80-90% range would be superb.

After this, look for an institute that offers the opportunity to work with Leed accredited professionals as this can really help boost your confidence as well as offering practical help.

Finally, make sure you will have access to a high number of simulated practice exam questions. These are one of the best ways to prepare for the real exam, so if you can access these online you will find yourself in the strongest possible position to become a Leed green associate.

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