Jump Into Spring With an Easter Bunny Costume

by Allia Vidmer on January 26, 2010

An Easter bunny costume is a great idea for any variety of events. You may want to consider a very traditional type of costume that is almost like a mascot costume, or you may want to go for a more adult looking bunny costume that definitely isn’t for your average Easter party.

Mascot styles of costumes are ideal for those individuals that may be involved in Easter parades or charity types of events over the spring season. The costumes are typically white or cream in color, however, there are more traditional grey rabbit costumes that look a lot like the famous Bugs Bunny. The traditional types of an Easter bunny costume are also found in some of the pastel spring colors including light blue and pink, perfect for adding a touch of color.
Bunny costumes for Easter wouldn’t be complete without a colorful vest and bow tie. These vests and ties are going to be found in a variety of bright, sunny colors and usually have seasonal Easter and spring patterns. Carrots, eggs, bunnies and flowers are all examples of the many patterns that can be found on the accessories.

The suit itself is made of a plush material and is typically sold as one size fits all adults. There is enough extra material so comfort in the costume won’t be a problem and usually they zipper up the back, allowing for a simple procedure for getting into an out of the costume. Depending on the head style you choose, you can purchase a full covered mascot style of oversized head, or you can also choose an open faced head. This is like hood that pulls up over the hair but leaves the face exposed. For ease of use and clear visibility this is an ideal option. The soft ears can be positioned and are bendable, perfect to give you that cute bunny appearance.

Kids sized plush bunny suits are also a big hit. For children’s costumes the open face is usually the only option for safety reasons. You can choose from accessories for either child or adult costumes that include a cute little powder puff bunny rabbit tail, a bunny rabbit nose and even rabbit teeth. Headband style rabbit ears in white, pink or blue with pink satin interiors are a fun Easter touch even if you don’t want to wear an entire costume. The rabbit nose and tooth set are perfect for kids or adults alike since the nose is held on the face like a mask and the teeth are attached to the nose. This means nothing in the mouth that may be a safety concern with children of any age.

For those more adult evenings there are some options of bunny costumes for women. Of course there are the black bunny costumes that typically include lingerie style short spaghetti strap dresses and fishnet stockings. Don’t forget the heels and the bunny tail to complete the ensemble. If you don’t want to wear black, consider a dazzling pink bunny cocktail style dress with faux fur trim around the bodice and even a faux fur bow tie. Add a headband set of bunny ears and you are ready for a night out.

Having an Easter bunny costume is a great option for adding a touch of fun and spirit to any type of spring or Easter party or event. Since there are wonderful options for men, women and children, the whole family can get in the spirit and have a hopping good time.

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