Stair Lifts are Like Having a Personal Escalator in Your Home

by Allia Vidmer on January 13, 2010

Many homes in the United States have basements and second stories. Because of this, you may be limited in your choices to what kind of home you can live in because of your inability to negotiate up and down stairs. Stair lifts can solve this problem. In its simplest form a stair lift is a chair that rides on a rail affixed to a staircase. Modifications to the home’s structure are generally unnecessary. It is basically a bolt on installation. The rail is securely mounted to one side of the staircase, near a wall, allowing access for individuals to pass by it if they are not using the stair lift. The chair is driven along the rail by an electric motor normally using a battery for power. The chair, battery, and motor are all housed in one unit providing a self contained conveyance that is easy to operate and maintain. The unit has a remote control that is easily accessible during operation which allows you to effortlessly ascend and descend the stairs.

There are many reasons to consider installing a stair lift in your home. One reason is safety. Each year hundreds of people are injured ascending and descending stairs in their very own homes. Another is disability. You may neither have the strength nor the physical ability to go up and down stairs. Bad knees, hips, or arthritis can be factors in limiting your movement. Age can be another factor. Whether your inability to climb or descend stairs may be due to injury, disability, or age, the stair lift allows you to move about your home unimpeded. Capable of handling weights of up to three hundred and fifty pounds, the stair lift glides up and down stairs with ease. Easy to access and exit via a swivel seat, the stair lift carries the rider at a gentle rate of speed securely and effortlessly both up and down stairs. And because the stair lift is propelled by the use of an electric motor, the unit does its job quietly as well as efficiently.

Stair lifts can be installed in a matter of a few hours depending on the complexity and size of the project. The beauty of a stair lift is not only its efficacy but its simplicity of operation and construction. Generally no modifications need to be made to the structure itself. Because of this the unit can be easily removed and reinstalled into another location. Multiple units can be installed to service both the second story and basement allowing you the freedom of accessing your entire home without assistance. A stair lift for home is a relatively small investment. Considering that your space utilization in your home could triple, the modest cost is well worth the investment.

Stair lifts are not limited to the interior of the home. There are some models that are rated for exterior applications allowing access to front and back porches. These often come with weather proof covers to keep them clean and in good operating condition.

With a stair lift you can use your whole house again. Whether it’s the sunny second floor sewing room, or your special get away workshop in the basement, you will be adding a quality to your life that you richly deserve. So get out your knitting needles and yarn. Fire up your lathe, sharpen your chisels and get started on that project you have been putting off. With stair lifts you’ll be able to make the most of your home and have a fuller life.

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