Stairlifts: The Lifeline to Accessibility at Home or at Work

by Allia Vidmer on January 24, 2010

Being limited in mobility does not mean you won’t be able to live in your own home. Technological innovation has led to many products that assist people in getting around. Stairlifts are one example, which are available for use in a home or even a business. They can also accommodate wheelchairs. No matter the model, these useful tools provide a person who has difficulty going up and down stairs with a way to get from one floor to another, by integrating an easily installed system.

Like most consumer or business-focused products, there are several options. The first category of stairlifts are battery operated models that will continue to operate even if there is a power outage. These lifts can function on a single battery for 2 years, but the product can plug into the wall to feed off of electricity, which also charges the battery. Batteries are available separately and can be ordered from the same company and website if they need to be replaced. The main benefit for them is that if the power does go out, then the person using it will not be stranded as the machine can still work.

Electric versions operate solely from power via a household outlet. With these, you won’t need to spend extra cash on new batteries, but if there is a blackout, then the system won’t work at all. Electric stairlifts are great for commercial use, especially in places where they will be used frequently. This will accommodate people requiring the use of such products in an office, factory, or other workplace facility.

Lifts that provide such assistance are not only available for indoor use. There are outdoor versions that are built to withstand conditions such as hot or cold temperatures or moisture in outdoor locations. Installable on outdoor patios, front steps, or any location that requires the traversal of steps, these aid the user in getting into and out of the home. Many homes are designed with stepped entrances or with steps to a backyard. There is no reason why anyone with difficulty walking can’t get in and out of the house easily, or hang out on the deck or backyard on a warm day.

Heavy-duty stairlifts are also available in capacities up to 500 pounds. If the primary user or somebody visiting may require the assistance of a sturdier system, these will do the job. These machines leave nobody out of the mix, and are just as easy to find. Regardless of the model, these lifts range from $1,500 to over two thousand dollars, a bit of an investment, but a worthwhile one for a dependable machine that has improved the lifestyles of countless people.

Thoroughly inspected and restored reconditioned models are also sold online. They can also be installed by untrained users and work with the same reliability. Providing a solution at a lower cost, these can also be suitable for someone who is looking for the features that they have not found in newer offerings, or most likely, are just inclined to the look and feel of that specific model. Regardless of the choice, the lift can be bought online from the standard Web shopping cart, while technical assistance is always on hand through the provided phone number on the company website.

Whether they are battery-operated, electric, designed for outdoor use, or reconditioned, stairlifts provide a reliable solution for anyone that needs help getting up and down stairs. Having difficulty walking does not have to limit accessibility and the quality of life of being comfortable in one’s own home. Many choices are available to suit the individual’s needs.

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