Planning Your Dream Trip to Swim with Dolphins in the Caribbean

by Allia Vidmer on January 15, 2010

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? If you are planning a trip to a Caribbean destination, you may be even closer to your dreams. In your next trip look up the many swim with dolphins in the Caribbean programs to live out your dreams and to become one with nature if even for a little while. The memories you create will be with you for life and in some programs your entire family can participate with you.

There are many swim with dolphins in the Caribbean programs to choose from and there are a couple of things to keep in mind as you prepare for your trip and swimming with dolphins. First, swimming with dolphins is an excursion that can and should be scheduled before you embark on your trip. For transportation to and from your swim with dolphins excursion, check out things like taxi rates, ferry rates and more. The concierge service at your hotel should be able to help you make these arrangements so that everything runs smoothly on your excursion day.

Also be sure to research the various programs for swim with dolphins in the Caribbean. While some are suitable for families, others are better for adults or strong swimmers and others can be done with a group. Better yet, there are some excursions that involve not only dolphins, but other sea creatures too such as manatees and sea lions.

Your excursion to swim with the dolphins will take place in what is called a dolphinarium. This is an extremely large aquarium built into the ocean. It will be surrounded by different piers that you will be able to walk along to see the dolphins. These dolphinariums are built to give people a safe area to experience their swim with dolphins in the Caribbean adventure, while keeping the dolphins in as much of their natural environment as possible.

The swim with dolphins programs that you can choose from will vary depending on the company you decide to book through. Choices generally include interaction with the dolphins, observation with the dolphins and free play with the dolphins.

What is called a dolphin encounter is a program that is an example of something the whole family can do. It involves a platform where participants can choose to stand on it halfway submersed in the water in order to observe the dolphins singing and playing together. You will learn to give them a handshake, a kiss and a hug. For the more adventurous, you can choose to get fully into the water to be closer than standing on the platform.

In an actual swim with the dolphins program, you will learn to give the dolphins a handshake and a kiss, and you will learn to be pulled by dolphins by holding onto their dorsal fins. After your fast ride, you will be pushed up out of the water by your feet as the dolphins give you another ride. This type of program is for individuals who crave the biggest experience and adventure. Often times, a program such as this also includes free swim and play time with the dolphins.

Another form of a swim with dolphins in the Caribbean is a dolphin adventure. This is an opportunity for you to wear a snorkeling mask and observe the dolphins as they play, sing and communicate with each other. You will also be encouraged to communicate with them and possibly even taken for a ride on their stomach. This type of program is usually safe for individuals of any age with good swimming abilities, so everyone can enjoy the fun and take home great memories to share.

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