How to Buy a Shower Chair Online

by Allia Vidmer on February 17, 2010

There can be little doubt that a shower chair can make a disproportionately large difference to someone’s life. For a relatively modest outlay, the chair can provide a level of independence that while seemingly modest to many, can make all the difference to the user.

Designed for people who have some sort of restricted movement, whether disabled or simply frail, the chair allows its user to bathe independently and efficiently and helps maintain dignity for its user.

The usefulness of such a chair is beyond doubt; but what can be confusing is the sheer variety of choices a prospective buyer encounters when faced with the decision as to what to buy.

Many people assume that a show chair is a pretty basic piece of equipment and that they are all pretty much the same. The truth, as most shoppers soon learn, is quite different.

There are a number of varieties available and the range of prices can be quite significant. If price is the number one issue, then it should be possible to find some sort of economy chair. These will certainly be affordable and while basic (they will probably have no arms and be relatively short) they will still allow many users to wash independently.

The good news is that for those able to spend just a little more, the choices widen significantly. Taller chairs will probably cost just a few dollars more; but chairs with arms, while more expensive, can more than justify their cost by the security they afford the user. The arms also made it easier to stand up for many users and even if this is not the case, the certainly offer a greater level of comfort and balance.

Many shower chairs are adjustable for height, which can be extremely convenient, if there will be more than one user or if a single user’s demands change.

Equally convenient for many prospective users is the option to have a wall mounted folding seat. These can provide a greater sense of stability and obviously can be folded away when not required, providing a greater level of space saving.

It is also possible to move away from the more common plastic construction and instead opt for a wooden seat. While these are more expensive than many plastic seats, they can offer a greater level of comfort while at the same time looking better in the bathroom. This is a feature that is often forgotten by some companies, so look out for one that offers this option.

Even if you decide not to take this option up, the very fact that it is offered helps demonstrate the company’s commitment to its customers.

Another option that may be worth considering is the ability to have a rotating seat. This can provide enhanced flexibility of movement and can solve the problem of having to maneuver a normal seat to ensure the whole body is equally cleaned.

If budget is not the main concern, it may be worth considering a padded shower chair. While these are obviously more expensive than standard models, you may consider this not as important as the extra level of comfort that it will provide.

Whichever chair you finally decide to buy, it is important to use a company that offers a high level of choice, combined with competitive pricing and first class customer service.

When searching online, it should be relatively easy to decide if a company has an extensive range of options and pricing. As for customer service, this can be more difficult to judge. One of the best ways is to look for the customer support section (if there isn’t one, it should set alarm bells ringing) and see what their policy is. The best companies will offer a free online catalog that should have discounts available and be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

If you find such a company, the purchase of a shower chair should be a smooth and stress-free experience.

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