Christmas Cards Follow Popular Trends

by Allia Vidmer on February 20, 2010

Christmas cards are an annual ritual that millions of people look forward to every year. They send out personal cards to their friends and family, and may even send professional cards to their business associates. Whether you’re sending out ten cards or five hundred, you’ll probably send out one of the styles mentioned below. These current trends in holiday cards reflect our personal interests as well as our love of beauty.

The most popular Christmas card design for families is the photo card. This overwhelming favorite usually features a family portrait framed in a holiday theme of some kind. Family members often dress in similar clothing or their holiday finest and have a professional portrait taken specifically for their holiday cards. Some families opt for more candid photos or choose to include only the children. Others may include a family pet on their photo holiday cards. These are truly personalized cards that include a bit of something extra for family members and friends who don’t get to see you often. If you live far from your family, this is a great way to let them see how the kids have grown throughout the year.

Religious cards are still incredibly popular, reflecting traditional themes such as the Three Wise Men, the Holy Family, Jesus, angels, or a nativity scene. These have remained popular for generations and reflect a desire to keep the true meaning of the holiday in mind. They often have verses that refer to God’s blessings, a wish for peace on earth, or a simple Bible verse that is appropriate for Christmas.

While these religious cards are still very popular, many families are now sending out two different styles of holiday cards. Religious ones for those who share their faith, and more secular holiday greetings for friends who aren’t Christians. Secular cards tend to be less formal and might feature anything from Santa Claus to snowmen or outdoor scenes such as sleigh rides or holiday shopping.

While cards with natural themes continue to be popular, the most recent trend is toward holiday cards that feature wildlife. You can often buy these from companies that pledge a certain percentage of the proceeds to wildlife preservation organizations. They are a wonderful way to give something to a worthy cause while sharing beautiful cards with friends and family. You might choose a greeting card with photographs of polar bears, deer in a snowy forest, cardinals, or a beautiful baby seal. Animal lovers everywhere enjoy wildlife cards, and the artwork or photography is often attractive enough to frame after the holidays are over.

Museum cards are remain popular in the world of Christmas cards. These are holiday cards that reproduce masterpiece artwork from museums around the world and gained their original popularity during the 1940’s. Most, but certainly not all, of the artworks have a religious theme. You’ll find lovely paintings of angels, Virgin Mary, and traditional winter scenes such as Currier and Ives. If you love traditional artwork, museum reproduction cards are a great way to share the beauty of artwork you love with your friends and family.

Business Christmas cards are becoming increasingly popular, but these tend to fall into slightly different categories. For the most part they are secular in nature in order to appeal to all of a company’s customers whatever their religious beliefs. Exceptions are cards sent out by companies that are religiously based, such as Bible publishing companies. For everyone else, business Christmas cards usually don’t refer to the holiday specifically. Winter themes and general artwork that reflects peace and understanding are favored, with greetings such as “Happy Holidays,” “Season’s Greetings,” or “Best Wishes in the New Year.”

A relative newcomer on the scene for business holiday cards is the calendar card. These are greeting cards that include a printed calender of the coming year, nicely combining an inexpensive gift with your seasonal greeting. The picture on the front of the card is usually attached to a small, fold-out calendar that features your company name or logo.

With so many Christmas cards to choose from, now may be the best time to start shopping for next year’s cards. You’ll get the best selection and, in many cases, a better price by buying off season.

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