Collect Beatles Memorabilia Without Breaking the Bank

by Ben on February 5, 2010

Contrary to what you may believe, not all Beatles memorabilia will cost an arm and a leg. True, while the rarest of the rare sell for tens of thousands of dollars, many items featuring the Fab Four are much friendlier to your wallet. It is quite possible to fill a room in your house with Beatles memorabilia without having to break the bank over a single item.

If you are collecting solely for personal enjoyment, the condition of items will not matter as much, making it easier to find the piece you are looking for without breaking the bank. If you are an investment collector, or one who collects items with the intention of making a profit, the condition of a piece of memorabilia will be of the utmost importance before you make your purchases. Often, a small scratch or dent will greatly decrease the value of an item and if you do not mind the minor bruises you can take advantage and save a lot of money.

When starting your collection, start small. Great starts to any Beatles memorabilia collection are the bobble head dolls of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Different dolls were released at different times and style of their careers, yet all are relatively common and affordable. These dolls can be found at many music stores, antique stores, and often make appearances in online auctions.

Beatles’ pins, posters, and lunchboxes are incredibly common and therefore affordable. The more recently an item was in stores, the more affordable it will be. For example, a Yellow Submarine t-shirt made in the 1960s can cost up to $100.00. A shirt made and marketed today, however, can cost as little as $5.00. Ironically, the designs are often incredibly similar, if not identical, and in this case ‘used’ has more of a value than ‘new’!

Another affordable trick in your quest for Beatles’ memorabilia is to keep items in frames. The incredibly popular 1964 birthday card proclaiming “Happy Birthday From All of Us” can easily fit into a picture frame and, tada! You now have a framed picture of the Beatles instead of a simple birthday card! A framed poster of the boys crossing Abbey Road not only looks much better, it also protects the poster so that it can stay a part of your decor for as long as you see fit.

Vintage buttons also make great collectors’ items and are relatively inexpensive. The larger the button, however, the more the price, so beware the size. One collection of buttons features each of the four members and puns like “I’m Bugs About The Beatles”. The set of four costs about ten dollars.

A budget conscious Beatle memorabilia collector may have to make a few sacrifices, but that doesn’t mean collecting can’t be enjoyable. While getting your hands on an early printing of the White Album may be unfeasible on your budget, pop in your Beatles Box Set and enjoy what you do have – a chance to collect affordable and really cool Beatles stuff!

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