Fun Things to Do in San Francisco

by Allia Vidmer on February 19, 2010

There seem to be two types of people who travel. One group looks to visit as many tourist attractions as possible. This includes visiting museums, art galleries, and historic sites. But the other group looks to have fun on their travels, and that is what we are going to look at today: fun things to do in San Francisco.

For the sports fans out there, San Francisco has many games to attend. Perhaps the most notable would be going to Candlestick Stadium for a 49ers game. For those of you who don’t know who the 49ers are, they are one of the best football teams in the NFL. If you have never experienced a football game in real life, you are in for a treat. You can expect a wild party, great food, and a truly fun atmosphere. In fact, once you go to a real game, your television will just not give you any real satisfaction.

Instead of being bored by museums, tantalize your taste buds (and your chocolate cravings) by taking a trip to Ghiradelli Square. There you will find a chocolate factory. But before you see the chocolate store, you will smell the sweet smell of chocolate mixed with the salty air of the bay. Though the line may be long, the wait is worth it – the chocolate you find here is well worth it.

Experiencing San Francisco from the air is an unforgettable experience and one of the most spectacular things to do in San Francisco. In fact, if you just spend your time touring the city in your car, you are missing out. Many people take advantage of the zeppelin tours that are offered in the area, or book a scenic tour on a helicopter or sea plane. Not only do these tours give you something to share (or brag about) with your friends when you get home, but they are memorable experiences. Booking in advance is important to ensure that there is space for you and your party.

For those who enjoy the nightlife, San Francisco has a large number of nightclubs. Irrespective of your interests, they are sure to have a place for you to dance and party at any time of the day. There are plenty of clubs in the town which will cater to your needs, from trendy establishments, to clubs that will remind you of your college days.

While you are there, you can also check out the many concerts that are performed in the city every year. Many of the major music artists stop in this great city and it can be the perfect reason to take a trip here. Just be sure to buy your tickets prior to your trip since in most cases, the shows sell out before the date of the concert.

If you are truly brave (or foolish) you can also give the hills in San Francisco a try. Many people have tried rollerblading or skateboarding down them, and though it can certainly be dangerous, it can certainly give you quite a rush as well. But if you are not brave enough to try either one of those crazy sports, there are companies that offer unique tours, such as touring San Francisco on a Segway. These types of tours are more memorable than a museum tour and can be fun.

Even though many people travel to San Francisco to see some of the rich cultural and historic locations, for those tourists looking for fun, there are many options. Some of the fun things to do in San Francisco include catching a 49ers game, indulging in chocolate delights in Ghiradelli Square, or riding high in the sky on a zeppelin tour. Don’t forget to spend your nights at a concert or out at one of the many nightclubs in the area. Taking a trip to San Francisco is your ticket to fun.

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