Details for the Enticing Golf Career Industry

by Allia Vidmer on February 12, 2010

When one first considers a golf career, they may not think much beyond the celebrity athletes who play the game and are sponsored by a wide variety of organizations. In reality, though, the business of golf is much larger than these professional players. Perhaps more valued than even these individuals are those who are qualified and trained when it comes to the golf industry. Millions of golf job opportunities are available around the world, from clerical assistants at country clubs to the pros who rake in millions a game. In a matter of months, often just over a year, individuals are actually able to earn their degree in golf and break open the possibilities which exist in this career field.

Especially during times of economic hardship, it is important to understand the financial side of golf, including any benefits and figures which might be useful to the individual. In the year 2005, the direct impact, economically speaking, in the United States with respect to golf was in excess of seventy-five billion dollars. This amount eclipses such industries as motion picture and recording. In addition to this, the golf industry has contributed more than three billion dollars a year to charities across the nation. All in all, this amount is larger than the contributions made by any other sporting activity. More than two million jobs are available for individuals interested in the profession of golf, where there total wage income in the United States is over sixty billion dollars annually. These figures come from ‘The Golf Economy Report’ from 2005.

The PGA offers a number of resources for individuals interested in a golf career. For example, they offer their own Job Finder database. This resource is offered in order to assist professionals in finding an appropriate golf career, while helping to successful fill occupational positions with qualified and reliable candidates. This career is ideal for individuals who simply aren’t comfortable calling a cubicle in an office their professional life calling. It is believed that as the economic state of the nation improves, the overall growth of the golf industry will also mature and expand. Perhaps one of the fastest growing fields in the United States today, golf courses are becoming more popular as a destination for retirees. With the baby boomers getting ready to settle down into their Golden Years and perhaps enjoy a bit more golf than they were able to in the past, the need for skilled and competent career professionals becomes more paramount.

For the most part, golf courses are often located in ideal locations, where large amounts of sunlight are common and relaxation is in the air. The demand for golf course managers is often very high, making it an ideal career option for those interested in this aspect of the industry. These management positions involve virtually all aspects of management, not the least of which is employee and tournament management. In addition to golf course management, career options extend to promotions, equipment production, golf course design, Agronomy, landscaping and general golf course care and maintenance, instructors, marketing, sales and customer support. In recent years, the game of golf has become more affordable and more beloved as a pastime and a sport. As a result, the opportunities to become involved in the field have increased. A golf career may be ideal for you if you have an interest in any of the following positions or opportunities: Golf course ownership, general manager of a golf resort or golf hotel, Director of Golf programming, Superintendent of a golf course, golf course food and beverage manager, golf instructor, collegiate golf instructor or coach, national sales manager of golf equipment, golf administrator, golf assistant, caddie, golf merchandiser and independent sales representative for golf equipment. Don’t delay your career any more. Enjoy and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities available in this exciting field.

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