Managed Dedicated Hosting Allows You to do More with Less

by Allia Vidmer on February 19, 2010

Many small to medium sized businesses are looking to do more for themselves. Unfortunately, when faced with decisions like choosing a managed dedicated hosting service provider, the going can get tough for even the most veteran of managers.

Chances are good that the money you have to spend on IT services is smaller than it has ever been in the past. If ever there is a time to do more with less, today’s that day. But how can you hope to attract the sort of experienced talent that is required to operate your online presence at a peak state?

One solution which many companies are taking advantage of is entering into managed dedicated hosting services. One of the major attributes is the managed part of this equation. Since many of the more technical aspects of web hosting tend to be provided for in a managed situation, you don’t require someone full time on your team to be there to handle these technical aspects.

There are a wide range of options which can be included in your dedicated hosting solution. Depending upon the skills and abilities of you or your staff members in charge of your website and other online services, you might consider any number of the following features.

Managed email services can provide your business a stable communications platform. Business to business and business to consumer emails need to get delivered on time, every time. Without a quality email program your ability to disseminate information will be extremely hampered.

If you have a number of domain names you manage as a part of your online world, it can behoove you to consider managed DNS services. Without the knowledge and experience, it can be disastrous trying to set up your domain name services on your own. A managed DNS plan will eliminate those challenges from your worries.

Constantly monitoring, patching and updating operating systems and various other software services can completely drain even the most focused of technicians. Services that provide for management of all updates and maintenance of your various software services will pay you back many times over. By keeping your systems up to date, you will sleep better knowing that the safety and security of your online operations is being watched over.

When should you make the decision to increase your web delivery capabilities? Choosing too soon can cause you to spend money where and when it is yet to be most effective.

Waiting too late, however, can have completely disastrous effects on both your online operations and your company’s brand awareness. You should always consider erring on the side of being conservative. Assess your online IT needs on a regular basis. More importantly, be aware of the trends your website and other services are showing.

Are your people spending too much time on administrative matters like setting up email accounts for new users? How about the time and effort to ensure your online operations are constantly in their most prepared states? Are your operating systems and various other software applications updated to the latest releases?

If you’re not paying attention to these types of questions, you simply won’t be prepared for the worst that could happen. By taking the time and expending the energy to find the very best managed dedicated hosting solutions for your company’s online presence, you can be assured of being up to date, prepared for both the best and the worst. Most of all, you’ll be acutely aware that you are getting the most out of your IT budget.

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