What Makes Adult Halloween Costumes Special?

by Allia Vidmer on March 29, 2010

There is nothing like walking into a costume party and having all eyes on you, with good reason. We’ve all seen those people: there’s the daring girl who embraces a chic and uninhibited alter ego for Halloween, and rocks the outfit without hesitation or apology, and the mysterious guy who fades behind a costume, leaving you seduced by the craftiness to guess at the real personality behind his enigmatic exterior. We all want to be those people, to embrace a costume and feel provocative and powerful by just slipping on a costume, literally the image of a person other than ourselves. How do you make these adult Halloween costumes work for you without being too much, veering into trashy territory rather than owning your alter ego? It takes attitude, an editorial eye, and of course, a great costume idea.

The first thing to owning any costume is not the clothes that you’re wearing, but your attitude. Like Little Orphan Annie once said, you’re never fully dressed without a smile, and confidence makes a big difference to how any outfit looks on you. A great outfit without a confident, kittenish enthusiasm is bound to make you feel more self conscious and uncomfortable, and in the end make you look trashy and poorly put together. Confidence is everything! This means that you should show as much skin as you’re comfortable with, don’t go skin tight if you’re not happy with your body, and only pick a costume that you can understand the provocative factor.

Second, the editorial eye is absolutely key. It’s a great idea to push your comfort zone ever so slightly, but make sure that you can edit yourself to make sure that your outfit is grand, not over the top. For example, rather than showing too much skin with a skimpy outfit, edit by adding in fishnet or sheer tights and maybe a little jacket to tone it down ever so slightly. Sex appeal is not necessarily about excessive displays of flesh; it’s about hinting at your assets (whatever they may be) but challenging the viewer by pulling back ever so slightly; like Christmas, it’s more fun when you have to unwrap the present before you know what it is. Anticipation adds an extra level of mysterious appeal.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the outfit choice itself. It’s pretty hard to make a clown or a ghost a provocative outfit, but don’t underestimate the power of innovation and creativity. For example, who would have ever looked at a fluffy bunny rabbit and thought of it any other way than a holiday outfit? That is exactly what the Playboy franchise has done, making the bunny one of the most blatant and recognizable icons of our era. Embracing most animals can lead to a very interesting outfit (think tiger, snake, cat, etc), as can many professional outfits. So whether you want to be a cowboy, nurse, or librarian, you can find many adult Halloween costumes for you.

Everyone wants to slip into another identity for a costume party, and you want to look as provocative as possible while doing this. Don’t just go for the shortest, tightest outfit you can find; choose an outfit that seduces the eye and leaves something mysterious to be discovered, and wear it with a signature confidence that will sell the outfit wherever you go. No matter which of the many adult Halloween costumes you choose, wear it with a smile and you’ll be the envy of the party.

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