Plus Size Costumes For All Occasions

by Allia Vidmer on March 29, 2010

Gone are the days when plus sized men and women really didn’t have an option when it came to those special dress-up events. Now there are entire websites designed just to feature plus size costumes for every holiday and event throughout the year. These costumes are terrific for Halloween but don’t forget Easter, theme parties, Christmas and even sporting event parties and get togethers.

Finding costumes for people that wear more than a size 2 used to be a hassle. It seemed that most costume designers were making costumes only for the smallest sizes, when in reality most adults are actually larger than a standard large let alone a medium or small. Making costumes in plus sizes allows for a more comfortable fit in any costume, plus there is always the option of adding additional clothing underneath if you are going to be outside or just want to add a bit to the costume.

Some of the greatest styles of larger costumes are those that just make sense for bigger people to wear. A great example of this is football themed costumes. Players for favorite teams are always a hit, but women can always dress up as female athletes and football players as well. Another great option for both men and women are referee outfits. They can include the very traditional to the very sexy, all perfect to add a bit of spice to any Super Bowl Party.

Special holidays that may not be traditional dress up events are also perfect anyone to add a bit of fun and a touch of pizzazz. Why not consider hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Party or even a costume Valentine’s Day party. Guests can dress up in themed couple’s costumes or as leprechaun and in traditional Irish wear to add a bit of fun and color to the colder winter months. Christmas costumes are also a big hit as Mom and Dad can dress up as elves, Santa’s helpers or even reindeer for a really fun Christmas eve.

Superhero parties are a great way for adults of all sizes to show a bit of what makes them unique. Larger sized men and women are a perfect match for Superman, Batman, Catwoman and Wonder Women costumes. These can be a great idea for an unusual 4th of July party or just a get together at any time of year. Since superheroes are always seen as bigger than life, this is a natural combination for any adult party or a family party where the kids come as there favorite superheroes as well.

Some of the traditional story types of costumes such as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, or even vampire and gothic themed costumes are a great idea. Guys can also find plus size costumes as pirates, firefighters, doctors, policemen or virtually any character from the film or movies. This can be a terrific themed party for a summer event; just come as your favorite character from a movie or a book. This fun anytime party is a great way to have everyone involved and really get everyone talking and guessing.

Definitely couples plus size costumes may be something you want to consider so you and your significant other can go as a matching duo. Popular themes for these types of costumes include the tacky tourists, clowns, his and hers pirates outfits and of course the criminal and the police types of costumes. Add lots of accessories and don’t forget the wigs, hats and makeup to really add dazzle to your costume and stay right in the theme of he party.

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