Chef Supplies: A Novel Mother’s Day Idea

by Allia Vidmer on April 26, 2010

Your Mom has always loved to cook. From the time you’re old enough to remember, she was bustling around the kitchen perfecting the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe or inventing a new culinary creation that would leave the family’s mouths watering and begging for more. Your Mother is no ordinary woman, so why give her an ordinary Mother’s Day gift? Instead, shower her with chef supplies and watch her face light up and the wheels of her recipe making mind start turning. In return for your gift, chances are you will be on the receiving end of some new delicious food faster than you can say Happy Mother’s Day!

An awesome gift for mom in the realm of chef supplies is a stand mixer. These incredible kitchen tools allow your Mother to make perfectly blended batter with the touch of a button. The beautiful stands, which come in a range of colors, including pink, are one of the hallmarks of a serious chef and contribute to the creation of some exceptional recipes, including meringue, with cream, fluffy egg whites, and cake batter. Your mother will absolutely die with happiness when she opens this wonderful present on Mother’s Day. Don’t underestimate the power of a stand mixer!
Another awesome option for the woman who loves chef supplies is the panini grill. This small little press is an absolute dream when it comes to making something a little special and out of the ordinary for every meal of the day. It’s perfect for grilling egg sandwiches in the morning, delicious eggplant and cheese flatbread sandwiches for lunch, and even helping to grill vegetables and chicken for dinner. This is an appliance that can be used in just about any way the chef’s imagination can think of, helping to bring out not only her mother’s natural cooking talents but also her creative abilities.

Mom spends all this time making beautiful food, why not give her Mother’s Day presents that helps her present the culinary creations in the most exquisite way possible? Consider giving her a set of glass serving dishes or unique plates such as trifle bowls, a tiered serving tray, or a unique chip and dip display. Part of being a wonderful cook is the desire to make sure your food looks as appetizing as possible. Giving mom a special type of dish or bowl to help her do that is like getting a sculptor the tools he needs to make Venus to Milo. It’s an essential element of being a real chef, a mom will thank you for it.

From gooey cookies, to warm bread, to perfectly marinated steak, to just a good old butter and jelly sandwich, mom has made it all and made it better than anyone else you’ve ever met. The number one ingredient she puts in on her recipes is the ingredient of love, and you can always taste it with every bite. Why not celebrate her amazing skills in the kitchen as well as a thank you for the years of delicious food by giving her chef supplies this year for Mother’s Day? Of course, you will reap the benefits of even more delicious food being made, but mom will understand just how much her culinary efforts have been appreciated over the years, something every chef loves to know. Show her food she makes is delicious with a fancy new kitchen gift she would not think to get herself!

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