Landscaping Tips to Get Your Yard and Garden Ready for Spring

by jeffpetersson on May 3, 2010

Some of the best parts about spring are the budding flowers and lush bushes that spring back into life after the cool, winter months. Fresh flowers and plants create a welcoming feel to the exterior of any home, which is why so many homeowners start working on their yards and gardens as soon as the weather starts getting nice.

But an impressive looking yard doesn’t just happen automatically once the weather starts to heat up. If you want a beautiful yard this year, some time and effort in the spring will be necessary. Before you can plant your first basil plant or flowering bush, some work will need to be done to get your garden ready.

Follow a few simple tips to get your yard and garden ready for spring, and the outside of your home will soon be the envy of the neighborhood.

Clean Up Winter Debris

Even if you raked fallen leaves out of your yard and planting beds last fall, they are most likely filled with yard debris that have accumulated over the course of the winter. To get your yard ready for spring, you will need to remove all the leaves and dead plant materials from your yard. This will give any annuals or bulbs that you planted previously room to grow.

Wait Until Time Is Right to Plant

After a long winter, many gardeners are eager to plant new flowers and vegetables in their yard. However, planting too early can be a serious mistake as spring temperatures can fluctuate wildly. Use a planting calendar to determine when you should plant. That way, you will not accidentally kill delicate baby plants by subjecting them to a hard freeze in late spring. A planting calendar will tell you when it is safe to plant in your area. This can vary depending on what type of plant you are planting, so you might need to plant your garden in several stages.

Build or Repair Structural Elements

If it is still too early for you to get your hands in the dirt, take advantage of those early warm days and complete any structural landscaping projects you want done. Build planting boxes for herbs and vegetables, and repair or install stone walls or dividers. If you do this work now, you will be able to get your plants in the ground as soon as the weather is right, and you will be able to spend your summer relaxing in your beautiful garden.

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