Investing in Audiology Online Degree Programs

by Clem Adamson on June 15, 2010

Individuals pursuing a career in audiology often appreciate the convenience of audiology online degree programs. By taking a course offered on the web through an accredited university or certification board, prospective audiologists are able to earn their degrees by taking courses at their own pace. For many people, a significant advantage of this approach is being able to keep their current jobs while still working toward their futures. Cost and savings can also be a factor when it comes to such programs. The fact that individuals can work toward their degrees from home (or anywhere with an internet connection and access to the establishment’s degree program) can cut down on a number of expenses, including room and board and gas money.

Options for audiology degrees in the United States include a Masters Degree and a Doctoral Degree. In addition, professionals are required to pass the national examination of audiology presented by the Praxis Series of the Educational Testing Service. They must also complete approximately 300 to 375 supervised clinical hours and nine months of clinical experience in a postgraduate professional setting. In order to practice audiology in the U.S., individuals must be certified through the American Board of Audiology. Graduate course work is also available, although not always required.

There are many demands placed upon potential audiologists. Because of this, ambiguity can exist regarding what an audiology online degree could do for a person. In order to address these concerns, it is important to examine the field of audiology. Recently, the field has expanded. This is primarily due to the fact that there are a greater number of elderly and aging individuals whose medical conditions have resulted in problems with respect to their hearing. Of practicing audiologists, it is estimated that half work in facilities dedicated to health care while the other half have retained positions in educational fields. While a Masters Degree was once considered the standard to practice in the industry, this has been gradually replaced by Clinical Doctoral degrees.

Audiology online degrees prepare individuals to work with those who have ear problems including, but not limited to, individuals experiencing hearing and balance troubles and difficulties. In most instances, concerns will be addressed and problems will be managed and treated with the help of the audiologist. With the assistance of industry specific equipment, audiologists are able to determine when an individual is able to hear certain sounds, how and if he or she is able to distinguish between different sounds, and how hearing loss may impact the client’s daily life.

The completion of an audiology online program offers individuals the foundation and education necessary to determine the different causes of hearing loss or problems, which often can consist of birth trauma, infections of a viral nature, genetic disorders, exposure to high level noises, medication side effects, and simple aging. Audiologists will also learn about the different treatments available for hearing loss and balance disorders, such as examining the ear canal, cleaning the ear canal, the implementation and use of hearing aids, and sizing and programming cochlear implants. It is important to note that audiologists often work closely with other health professionals and educational providers in order to provide the best and most complete treatment. A career in audiology and the completion of an audiology degree can be extremely rewarding and gratifying for those committed to the industry, their profession, and their patients.

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