Finding The Best Running Socks For You

by GuestPoster on June 27, 2010

You’ve finally decided to get up off of the sofa and begin running! Good for you! Now you just need the right equipment and who knew running socks could be so important?

There are many things to consider when purchasing the best running socks such as material and thickness of the sock, weather, height of the sock, and style.

Many sport socks are made out of cotton which is not helpful for runners. Cotton tends to soak up and retain moisture which can make for an uncomfortable run especially if you are running long distances. Cotton socks can encourage blisters which can make any runner miserable. Running specialty stores carry several variations of running socks made of material that will wick away moisture instead of trapping it. This material also dries very quickly which can make for a more comfortable run. The thickness of a sock can also make a difference for runners of all abilities. Some may prefer a thicker sock in the winter. Some things to consider are that if you are purchasing new running shoes, a thicker sock may interfere with sizing. A thicker sock would make your foot longer than it actually is. Make sure you wear the socks you normally wear while running.

Weather can be a key consideration when purchasing running socks. In the summer runners are more likely to want less on their feet. When cold temperatures approach, a runner might want to double up socks or purchase heavier socks. Along with the weight of the sock, there are options such as Thorlo running socks which have padding on the heel and front of the foot. This padding provides support to the runner’s foot and can prevent strains and blisters.

Sock height is another factor to consider. Many runners like being as light as possible which would make the lower ankle socks better. Others might prefer a sock that comes above the ankle as to avoid rubbing of the shoe against the skin. Sock height is more a personal preference.

The style of running sock is more a personal preference as well. Running socks come in varying colors and sizes. There are running socks that are tight near the arch of the foot which acts in a compression-like manner. There are socks with a looser fit or an extremely tight fit. There are many colors as well.

Consider all of these things when you are sock hunting and you’ll be sure to find the best running socks.

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