Bigger Bicep Workout Guide

by GuestPoster on June 16, 2010

There is no muscle quite like the bicep. Having big strong arms gets you noticed and gets you respect more than almost any other body part. It doesn’t matter if you are in the office, beach, gym, or out on the town. Big arms get noticed and big arms make you look and feel great.

Building bigger biceps is an important part of anyone’s training program. Bigger arms will give you more strength and power. As your biceps get stronger you will be able to get better at a lot of different lifts that focus on other muscle groups.

Most guys have arms that are pretty small well under 12 inches. To be able to grow the bicep requires focus diligence and a fierce determination. Below is a workout that I do on my home gym machine to get massive arms.

It is pretty important you realize that the bicep is a small muscle group when compared to the chest, legs, or even triceps. You can easily over train the bi-ceps if you are not careful. Also to get truly big arms you will also want to focus on building your triceps. One thing to realize is that the biceps are indirectly worked during a wide variety of exercises so training the bicep specifically more than once a week can be too much.

No two bodies will react the same to exercise some will be better results to heavy weight with low reps while others may benefit more from lighter weight and more reps. Below are two examples of biceps busting workouts.

The first workout is super-set workout that also focuses on the triceps.

Workout 1:
Barbell Curl — tricep pushdown. 2 x 6-8
Hammer dumbbell curl– dips 2 x 8-10
Preacher curls — skull crushers 2 x 8-10
Incline dumbbell curl — close grip bench press 2 x 4-8

Workout 2:
Dumbbell curls 4 x 10-12
Preacher Curls 3 x 10-15
Concentrated Curls 4 x 10-15
21’s 1 Set

Try each of these workouts for 3-4 weeks. It is always important you change up your routine on a regular basis. You can find other great workouts for the home or gym at

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