Blogs are the Backbone to the Internet

by GuestPoster on June 27, 2010

If you have been on the Internet at least once, you have more than likely come across a blog or at least a website that is set up on a blogging platform. Blogs have quickly become the backbone of the Internet for several different reasons. Internet users love finding information and blogs are a great way to put information out there; search engines like them because they provide tons of content if done right and Internet marketers love them because the are easy to organically rank in the search engines.

When blogging first became popular, it was common for people to use them as their personal online journals, but it wasn’t too long after that businesses saw what blogging could do for their business presence online. These days, it seems like every type of business is blogging; from the web developer who sets up shop in the basement to the Fortune 500 company who has a highly recognizable brand.

Setting up a blog is very easy to do with the blogging software that is available today, such as WordPress. It is also very inexpensive to do since all people have to do is pay for their hosting and the domain name that they want their blog to be. Hosting can cost as little as $4.95 a month for a basis plan and a domain name is going to run an average of $10 or less per year. This means that for under $70 a year, anyone can have a professional looking blog where they can share their personal thoughts or share what’s happening in their business adventures.

Blogging software also gives people and businesses the opportunity to completely customize the look of their blog. Most blogging software that is found on the Internet gives people the options to choose their own themes and layouts without having to know a lot about computer programming or CSS. However, for those who are a little bit more tech savvy, people can also upload their own logos and use themes that they have created themselves on their blog.

There are also quite a few different free blogging services on the net that will allow users to create blogs and then the company will host that blog free of charge. This option is great for those who have the purpose of publishing their own personal thoughts, but free blogging services do not typically work well for businesses. Free blogging services do not allow a lot of customization for the most part and they are also hosted on a sub-domain since the company would be giving you web space for free. These sites are harder to rank in the search engines then blogs that have their own hosting and their own domain name.

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