Cute Shoes for Work and Play

by GuestPoster on June 8, 2010

All women take pleasure in wearing a cute pair of shoes with their outfit. However, it can be expensive to purchase a pair of high quality shoes. So, what is a girl meant to do when she desires a large collection of fashionable shoes? Comparison shopping is your friend when it comes to acquiring reasonably priced shoes and the use of the Internet can really help us out with this. If you take the time to consider exactly what you require, where you should spend your money and where it should be saved, you will hold the key to smart shoe shopping.

Firstly, you need to consider the basics. You will require a minimum of one pair of affordable shoes that will complement any type of outfit. A pair of simple black heels are your must have item. This type of shoes can be adorned with outfits of nearly all colors, the exception being brown outfits and light colored outfits. White heels will prove better able to complement an outfit than brown and black heels which fail to match. Furthermore, white heels make medium-toned outfits appear brighter and full of cheer. While white is bold, you should not feel afraid to adorn white shoes with stylish light-colored outfits.

For formal outfits, women should invest in heeled dress sandals. These are sandals with heels smaller than the full heel. They are better able to complement summery outfits. For this reason, heeled dress sandals in pastel colors are popular.

If you are in the market for new shoes yet do not have a large budget, search in vintage shops in order to discover styles that proved in fashion a few decades ago. In vogue shoe styles, like fashion in general, is very cyclical in nature. You may stumble across casual or heeled shoes that you love, plus you will be doing your bit for the environment by preventing these shoes from being put to waste in a landfill site.

You will find a range of designer shoes on popular online auction websites while some success in finding these types of shoes has been reported through the perusal of charity shops located around upper-class neighborhoods. A further option is to pay a visit to outlet stores in order to purchase branded shoes that are being phased out.

Finally, if you are unable to afford to purchase new shoes, try a colored shoe polish. This will aid in the improvement in the appearance of your shoes, whether they are heels, pumps or silver espadrilles! Before you go to purchase new shoes, ensure that you are not able to get some use out of the shoes that you currently own.

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