Make The Most Of Your File Cabinet Storage Space

by GuestPoster on June 22, 2010

If you are like most people you have a file cabinet either at home or at the office which is full to the brim with paperwork that is both stale and unnecessary and unorganized. Most people also tend to have small stacks of paperwork which is necessary and useful but it too is unorganized and sitting on top of the desk. What most people need to do is figure out an easy way to make good use out of that filing cabinet next to their desk so that they can keep their paperwork in order.

The problem most people face is that they place paperwork that never gets looked at again in a file cabinet for storage and they place paperwork that is looked at routinely in stacks of working files which get unwieldy and precariously placed on the side of desks. And if not there they often get shoved into a storage drawer for quick access the next day or week. If you want to make the most use of your file cabinet then you have to break this way of thinking.

You can first start by going through your file cabinet drawer by drawer and purging all the trash and items that you no longer need to keep. The rest should be sorted into sections for archive storage, reference, and working files. If for instance you have a standard 3 drawer office file cabinet then you could allocate the bottom drawer for archives, the middle drawer for reference material and the top for working files. By doing this you will always have a good basic sort of your files.

Next all you have to do is keep on a basic schedule of purging your archives, say every six months or so and also finding a means of delineating out the upper two drawers. Keeping a handy stack of file folders and labels is a good way to manage your working files. When ever a new project crops up just prep a new working file with a label and throw it in your top drawer. When the project is complete then all you have to do is trash the file or move it to the archives.

By keeping on top of your file cabinet organization you can better keep tabs on your projects and keep your filing system in order and clean. Remember to keep to a schedule in purging because storage space is not unlimited and no documents must be kept forever. Set a schedule and stick to it and you’ll have a happier workspace all around.

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