Garden Hose Hangout by Suncast

by GuestPoster on June 6, 2010

When rolling up your hose onto the ground is not enough, it’s time to invest in a hose storage solution. Besides looking particularly messy when rolled on the ground, garden hoses can also be a tripping hazard. No matter what type of hose you own, you can store it in an organized fashion using a hose rack. These racks are designed specifically for holding garden hoses. They are simply to install onto any exterior wall and can last many years. Some even have additional features like storage compartments. If you want to improve the look of your yard, a garden hose storage rack is the best way to go.

Suncast makes a plastic hose rack that features a handy storage compartment in the center. This unit can store up to 150 feet of 5/8 inch thick hose. The total storage capacity will vary depending on the thickness of your particular hose. To use, simply loop your hose around the sturdy central cylinder. Walls keep the rolled hose from falling off the rack. The garden hose is stored off the ground in a refined, pleasing loop. The rack is made from weather proof plastic in a soft sand color. The rack will not chip, crack or fade regardless of the weather conditions.

The rack does require some installation to use, mounting from six points on the back. Users will need a power drill to make the proper pilot holes into the wall. If you are mounting to stucco and can’t find suitable studs, wall anchors will be needed. Once installed properly, the rack forms an exceptionally strong bond with the wall. Screws must be provided from the consumer. In the center of the rack is a small door with a storage compartment inside. Users can place a variety of small items inside including hose nozzles and garden tools.

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