Guide to Storing Garden Hoses

by GuestPoster on June 20, 2010

Outdoor accessories can make transform a yard from a messy junkyard to an organized and professional environment. Yard owners frequently employ tools like storage sheds, tool racks and shelves to make their yard look more organized. One of the more difficult items to store is a garden hose. The length and shape of a hose can make it quite difficult to control both while using and storing it. A common storage method is to curl the hose into a circle on the ground. However, a perfect circle is rarely achieved, resulting in an unsightly mess on the ground. Hoses stored on the ground are easy to trip over especially at night, making them a profound tripping hazard. Hoses may seem untamable, but a certain tool can keep them under control.

Hose storage solutions are abundant and quite accessible to consumers. There are two basic types of hose storage options-the reel and the rack. Racks are the easiest ones to install but are limited in functionality. The hose is wrapped in a circle around the rack which hangs on a wall near your spigot. The hose is exposed for everyone to see, so must be rolled with precision so it looks good. Hose hanger racks also twist the hose, causing it to bend unexpectedly while using it. The hose must be pulled out to its full length every few uses and uncurled.

Hose reels are different in that they wrap the hose around a rotating barrel. Users turn a handle to pull the hose in, wrapping it nicely around a barrel inside the unit. These reels can come in different forms, including boxes and wall-mounted varieties. A guide ring is use to ensure that the hose wraps evenly on the barrel inside. Most reels keep the hose hidden inside the structure, out of sight. To use for the first time, users must connect the reel’s leader hose to the wall. Then, you must attach your hose to the barrel inside and roll it up. Every reel has a set limit on the length and diameter of the hose it can hold. Length capacity is reduced when you have a wider diameter hose.

One popular twist on the hose reel is ones that perform the reeling action automatically. These systems use water pressure or a spring to pull the hose in after each use, eliminating the need to crank a handle. All the user needs to do is guide the hose in with their hands.

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