Homemade Dairy Alternatives

by GuestPoster on June 28, 2010

Being intolerant to dairy products can be very frustrating, because there are so many recipes, foods and drinks that call for milk. Many people use soy milk and rice milk as an alternative, but a big issue is the availability of fresh products.

Because demand for these products is lower than for dairy milk, manufacturers tend to only produce heat treated milks, often called UHT (ultra heat treated) or tetra-pak milk. They are commonly sold in the dry goods section of stores, and do not require refrigeration until opened.

So what is wrong with this? The problem is that these heat treated products are almost totally devoid of anything healthy!

The fact that they can be stored without refrigeration for long periods clearly indicates one thing – that the contents are dead. Real foods go off without refrigeration, partly because they contain living enzymes that will gradually cause it to decompose. When a food is heat treated, it no longer has any living enzymes in it. The heat also denatures vitamins and fatty acids that would greatly benefit you if they were eaten in a fresh state.

So how can you get your hands on FRESH soy or rice milk? The only answer is to make it yourself. This is not as hard as it sounds – soy milk is basically just made from soaked and pressed soy beans. When the soaked beans are crushed, a milky fluid is released, and this is what we call soy milk.

You can use dried, soaked beans available from any health food store.

To crush the beans and release the milk the best thing to use is a suitable fruit and vegetable juicer machine. The Angel Juicer is one of the best known multi purpose juicers, but you can use any kind of masticating juicer. The Angel is particularly popular because it is also able to make nut butters and seed oils. Alternatively, a hand juicer is a much cheaper and still effective alternative.

When using a juicer, just work in the same way as you would for making juice – gradually feed in the beans, catching pulp and liquid in separate containers.

This fresh milk contains many different vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Best of all, it contains no preservatives and you can make it whenever you want!

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