How to Apply a Laptop Cover

by GuestPoster on June 17, 2010

Laptop covers or skins are a great way to change the look of your notebook computer. They are inexpensive and come and a huge range of designs from photography to modern art. If you’re considering buying one of these handy covers you might be wondering exactly how easy they are to apply and what steps you need to take to ensure a professional finish.

Start by ensuring that you purchase the right size sticker for your particular laptop. Computer laptop covers are sold by size of screen so it should be easy to pick the right size for your machine. Additionally some companies produce covers for particular makes and models of laptops so check if one is available for your model of notebook before you buy.

When it’s time to apply the skin, make sure your laptop casing is free from dirt and grease. Clean it with a soft lint free cloth and an electronics cleaning solution. Ensure the whole surface of your laptop is completely dry before applying the sticker to be sure that it sticks properly.

Position the laptop cover on top of your notebook without removing the backing paper. Make sure it is the right size and trim it slightly if necessary. You may also wish to cut slits to incorporate hinges for a more exact fit.

When you’re satisfied with the fit, peel off a small corner of the sticker and put it in place on your laptop. Make sure it is completely straight before pressing down on the sticker so you can move it if necessary.

Once you’re happy with the position of the sticker, smooth down the corner and peel the backing paper gradually from underneath the sticker, pressing it down as you go. If you do this gradually there should be no air bubbles but if you do get one, peel back the sticker gently and smooth it down again.

By following these instructions you should end up with a perfectly applied beautiful laptop cover!

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