Low Cost Data Recovery

by GuestPoster on June 22, 2010

It can be a real pain when data is accidentally deleted. If can be even more frustrating when you look in the Recycle Bin and the files are nowhere to be seen. This article takes a look at some of the free and low cost data recovery tools on the market that can help get your information back.

Sometimes, all you really need are the free-ware tools to recover data. CG security have a product called TestDisk which doesn’t look all that great but is actually quite effective at finding and recovering files. The interface really is basic and not so intuitive to use but if you are technically proficient then it may be all you need.

CG security have released a Flash based free-ware application called PhotoRec which seems to be the next generation of product they are developing. The user interface is very intuitive (as you’d expect from Flash) and while the product was intended for image file recovery off of Flash drives it does appear to work quite well for regular file types.

There is a swathe of low cost data recovery software on the market so it can be a bit of a blizzard trying to establish which are effective. Most offer free trials (to scan the drive) so it can be quite interesting to run a trial scan with each to compare their results.

One worthwhile product under $50 that has been in production for years is Remo Undelete. Remo scans the drive (internal/external/Flash memory drive) for any deleted files including those which bypassed the Recycle Bin altogether. The simple file browser interface lets you make a copy of the file to recover to your local drive/CD/other location.

With any of these applications the one crucial thing to check is the manner of how they scan and recover files. You want them to simply read or copy deleted/lost data from the drive – if they remove/transfer a file then there is always the danger of damaging system data.

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