Makeup Tips for Korean Women

by GuestPoster on June 6, 2010

Most Asian women are blessed with a skin tone that is very easy to blend with any form of makeup, as long as it is makeup with a golden base. There are an array of colors that look good on Asian skin, however, the effects depend on how they are carried out in the context of the entire face.  Here are some of my favorite Korean makeup tips:

  1. Most Asian women have almond shaped eyes. To make the eyes look more prominent, it is necessary to enhance the eyebrows by shading them with a brush or pencil. Choose a hue that is little lighter than your natural color of hair. While shading, move the pencil along the arch shape of eyebrows and rub at places that are bare. This will help in making the eyes more noticeable.
  2. Use soft colors to shade the area near your brow and slightly spread it around both eyes. Hues of pink, red and  white are best to give a light, subtle look.
  3. Take an eye-liner pen and line the edges of both the lashes from inside to outward in such a way that the line extends outward, making it looking longer. In case you are lining your upper eye lashes, you usually don’t want to do the same with lower lashes. Lining both the lashes will not only create a dull look but also will make the eyes look smaller. Choose the color of liner such that it blends with the entire makeup – black, brown, and gray are the best colors.
  4. The eyes of many Korean women are deep-set in the skull; hence, they appear to be smaller, more compact and closer together than they actually are. If this is your case then investing in an eye lash curler will be worth it. Apply a thick layer of mascara to the upper and lower eyelids to give yourself longer eyelashes that are also thicker and darker. You may not need to buy a heated eye lash curler as even an ordinary curler will also produce the same effect when used with a hair dryer to heat it up.

Try these makeup tips to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

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