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by GuestPoster on June 15, 2010

Among the countless mesothelioma resources on the Internet, the website of the American Cancer Association is still the one with the most factual and up to date information.

Asbestos dust has long been known for being the prime cause of pericardial mesothelioma which is known as one of the most deadly cancers. After being diagnosed there are usually three options offered for treatment.

The three treatments are: chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Treatment for pericardial mesothelioma is difficult and complex since it involves removing tumors on the pericardium. Consequently mesothelioma resources are limited. None of the three mentioned methods have a very high success rate as generally the disease isn’t identified until it is in an advanced stage.  The reason being that the early symptoms shown are often resembling diseases like pneumonia. The expectation for survival of a patient having treatment is usually less than 12 months.

Prior to starting any treatment your doctor will evaluate which is the best course of action for the patient.  This evaluation is usually based on factors such as medical history, age, and weight, and ability to sustain the treatment.

Chemotherapy is the most commonly know treatment for cancer and involves destroying cancerous cells with drugs. However the success rate with pericardial mesothelioma has been low. Due to primarily the lack of a drug which has proven to be effective.

Surgery can be broken down into two types. One is intended to attempt to remove the cancerous cell the, which is a difficult procedure given the close proximity to the lungs and heart. The second type is to try and mitigate the patient suffering if they are at an advanced stage.

Radiation is a treatment whereby the patient is exposed to radiation doses in an attempt to destroy the cancer cells on the pericardium. The down side of this treatment is that other healthy organs are also affected by the radiation.

There is another type of treatment which is a combination of the three combined. This procedure has had a reasonably good success rate but still holds a degree of danger for the patient.

Other informative mesothelioma resources are specialized Internet forums, where patients share their stories and provide support to each other.

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