Need Flower Delivery in Washington DC?

by Derrick Rexford on June 24, 2010

If you are looking for a florist who provides flower delivery Washington DC, one of the largest cities in the US, you certainly have many shops to choose from. How do you find a shop to offer delivery services that are timely, fresh, and affordable, while still offering a wide selection for all occasions? Here are some tips on what some of the better florists in Washington DC have to offer.

It’s recommended to choose a florist that has a well established history of flower delivery Washington DC. The length of time a shop has been in business usually reflects the quality of their product and service. This is especially true with flower delivery shops and services. Products purchased by customers are usually gifts that are expected to be in pristine condition and to arrive on a very specific date. Florists who don’t deliver as promised are more likely to be driven out of business than those who do a consistently good job. The DC Metropolitan area has locally owned shops that have been in business for over 20 years. These are the places that are more likely to give you good, personal service.

A good flower shop will also offer a wide selection of flowers, plants, gifts, and cards for all occasions. A smart shop owner will want business for more than just Valentine’s Day roses. A great florist will offer an array of domestic and tropical flowers, greenery, and dish gardens in an array of traditional and contemporary styles. You should be able to order custom floral designs for all special events, including weddings and funerals, corporate events, meetings, conventions, and hospitality events. They will also cater to all of your holiday needs including, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, and birthday gifts.

To ensure that customers are getting the freshest flowers available, shops should be getting fresh flower deliveries daily for the arrangements that are going out that day. Some florists may try to get away with cutting costs by only receiving fresh flowers every other day. On the days when there are no deliveries, customers will be getting flowers that have already been cut nearly two days ago. Bouquets may arrive less fresh looking, maybe even wilted. Daily deliveries from vendors ensure that the customers who receive a flower delivery Washington DC get the freshest looking arrangements possible.

Shops should also offer a good guarantee in case there is an issue with services or products. Flowers should be delivered in full bloom and live plants should be delivered in a healthy state. A reputable florist will guarantee that an arrangement will be healthy for at least a week after delivery for the full enjoyment of the recipient to give the customer their full money’s worth.

With a small, locally owned business you will receive personal service that you won’t get from a large, online company. You should be able to speak directly to the floral designer or consultant who will be creating the order to your specifications.

Some shops even offer free delivery with no fees. The price of your gift or arrangement is all-inclusive, saving you money. Most florists will be able to accommodate next-day or even same-day service for sudden events like illness or funerals, or just the last-minute holiday orders.

For your next holiday or event in the DC Metropolitan area, use these tips to locate a reputable florist online. A business providing flower delivery Washington DC will have all of these traits and more, so that you will keep visiting for all of your special occasions.

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