Plus Size Clothing Is Designed For The Robust Female

by GuestPoster on June 11, 2010

Plus size clothing is designed for the style and comfort of the Rubenesque woman. These clothes highlight the natural attributes each woman has and so proudly carries and displays to the world. The style is carefully contemplated from the materials used to the colors and patterns. The designs are generously cut allowing maximum comfort and movement. Best of all plus size clothing is designed to be fun and flirty giving the woman wearing it an aura of health and energy.

These styles are not just a larger cut of the styles worn by the anorexic teenybopper; these are exciting new designs featuring bold colors, bold prints, over-sized buttons, pockets and other accessories. The use of colors and color combinations enhances each wearer’s enjoyment of life. The materials favored are heavier fabrics that hold the lines and movements of each piece. Flimsy, clinging material is used occasionally for blouses, tops and dresses.

These styles tend to be longer; tops drape past the hips with more color and cut, creating eye-catching combinations. Pants can be brightly colored; ankle length skirts offer comfort and style. Plus size clothing moves and flows with the body; this full-sized woman creates a picture of graceful movements and ripples of color. The image created is one of life in motion.

Comfort is designed throughout the individual pieces.  The jackets and blouses have more space through the shoulders and upper back allowing full movement of the arms. The cut of the neckline is higher and narrower creating a more accurate and comfortable fit. Each size has ample space for the body without bursting at the seams. The generous cut of the pants allows ample space for full bottoms and thighs to be encased in gorgeous material that does not strain or bind.

Females who wear plus size clothing feel beautiful, full of energy and full of love for both life and themselves. They look great.

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