Signs of Hydrocodone Addiction

by GuestPoster on June 7, 2010

Hydrocodone addiction is a growing epidemic throughout the USA, quadrupling in the last ten years alone. Hydrocodone is a prescription drug used for pain relief; it creates a euphoric feeling and is similar in strength to morphine. It can be a godsend for someone in terrible pain or a horrible burden to a current abuser. When one thinks of drug abuse it is most often the street drugs that are thought of, but in reality the drugs used to heal are often turned into recreational party drugs.

What are the signs of hydrocodone abuse? There are the type of signs which are most often only seen by their physician which include: repeated reports of having “lost” their prescription or needing a prescription filled early to take on vacation, “doctor shopping” or seeing several different doctors to obtain more than one prescription at a time for the drug, and having a specific “favorite” drug to which nothing else will do and they will soon develop “allergies” to all others.

The other kind of symptoms to be noticed will generally be seen by the patient’s family or housemates. They include an unexplainable lack of money, changes in social circles, becoming more and more secluded, and unexplained changes in behavior and mood. Also an increase in occurrences of lying, cheating, or dishonesty could be attributed to abuse of this type of drug. If a person is watched closely the signs will be there even if they are often hard to distinguish from other types of abuse or mental disorder. If it is thought that a person has this type of addiction it is important to get them both medical help and mental counsel in order to help in the healing process. It is often an underlying emotional or mental problem that begins addiction.

If you are noticing these signs of addiction in either you or a loved one, then it might be time to start looking into treatment options or drug rehab centers that might be able to help you with your problem.

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