Silver Engagement Rings

by GuestPoster on June 27, 2010

Silver engagement rings can be an affordable choice that results in a beautiful and delicate ring.

Many jewelers do not stock silver engagement rings because gold and platinum are more common choice. The silver rings in stock may not be suited to an engagement ring, but with a little research, it is possible to find a jeweler who specializes in silver engagement rings. It also may be possible to find a jeweler who can craft a custom silver engagement ring that will be completely unique and perfectly suited to the wearer.

Silver is a more malleable metal than gold or platinum and can be shaped into many beautiful and intricate designs. Silver engagement ring can be fashioned into many unique shapes that would be impossible in other metals. For this reason, Celtic engagement rings are frequently made of silver that can be formed into detailed loops and knots.

There are many people who prefer wearing silver jewelry to gold jewelry. For them, a silver engagement ring can be a better choice than yellow gold. It is often a good idea to match the engagement ring to the rest of their jewelry so it will blend into their overall look.

Silver engagement rings can be very durable when given proper care. Pure silver is rarely used because it is very delicate on its own. Silver is often blended with a stronger metal; the most common choice is copper. This will add strength to the ring without changing the appearance of the silver. A silver engagement ring should not be worn in the water or while using chemicals such as cleaning products that could harm the metal. Silver engagement rings should be cleaned regularly with silver polish and a soft cloth to remove any tarnish and keep them shining.

Selecting a silver engagement ring is a good choice for many couples who are seeking a unique, beautiful, and classic ring to celebrate their love.

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