Stihl Pole Saw – Perfect for Those Hard to Reach Branches

by GuestPoster on June 27, 2010

STIHL Incorporated was started in 1974, and employs over 2,000 employees nationwide.

Stihl pole saws are used in many ways. The Stihl brand names are very popular and reliable. Basically, the pole saw is a tool that is used to cut tree limbs and branches from trees. Stihl sells gas powered, electric, and manual pole saws. These pole saws are made for cutting branches from the ground or up in the air. The price range will vary depending on your needs.


When deciding to purchase a Stihl pole saw, find out what type of work you’ll be doing. Think about the size of your yard and the height of the tree branches. Use a manual pole saw for lower branches and small tree limbs that are easy to cut. Gas powered pole saws can be used for larger jobs. Keep in mind that more trees mean more work. Consider purchasing the gas pole if you have a very large yard or a lot of trees on your property. If you own or operate a landscape business, Stihl’s pole saws will help you get the job done.


When it comes to finding out who has the best pole saws, check out Stihl’s pole saws. What can you expect from Stihl pole saws? The most powerful pole saw available from Sthil is the gas powered saw it can prune a whole neighborhood block. Stihl’s electric pole saws can cut branches up to 10 inches wide and 12 feet high and they are environmentally friendly and you do not need to buy gas. There is also a manual aluminum pole saw that is used for quick access and light work duties. Stihl’s sells five different models of pole saws.


Always keep safety in mind when operating your Stihl pole saw. Read the operator’s or owner’s manual before using your saw pole. Do not let children operate a saw pole unsupervised. When working with your Stihl pole saw, stay away from power lines. Wear protective head gear to avoid a possible head injury. If your saw pole is not operating properly, have a local Stihl dealer check it out for you.

We hope you enjoy your new Stihl saw pole!

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