Which Tennis Elbow Treatment?

by GuestPoster on June 10, 2010

Tennis elbow is no laughing matter. It can cause immense pain and can even leave you without the use of your arm altogether. Tennis elbow is when the elbow joint becomes inflamed and sore (also known as tendonitis). The swelling alone is very painful and because of this, many people find that even a simple movement causes shooting pains or enrages the injury. There are, however, many ways to overcome this. In this article we discuss tennis elbow treatment and how you can relieve yourself of some of the pain that goes with tennis elbow.

The first thing that you should consider is pain relief. Of course most of us reach for the painkilling pills straight away and these are fine for some. The best painkillers are those with an anti-inflammatory property. This will help ease the pain and will also reduce swelling. If you feel you need this kind of painkiller then why not ask your doctor to prescribe some. They are far stronger than drugs available over the counter and your doctor can keep an eye on your progress. Another good way to reduce swelling is to use a cold patch. Cold is great for helping to relieve sprains associated with sports but remember not to apply ice to the skin directly or you could end up with ice burns.

You should also take a look at supporting the elbow. You can buy many different splints and supports for tennis elbow tendonitis and these can be found in pharmacies or sportswear stores. They are made from either tubular bandages or neoprene fabric. This lets your skin breathe while still holding the joint firm and restricting too much movement. Some supports will have metal splints in them which will restrict the movement even more and will also give you peace of mind that you may not accidentally move it in the wrong direction.

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