Weight Loss Tips – Belly Fat

by GuestPoster on July 14, 2010

Most of us, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or race and place, have problems with belly fat. Let’s face it. Years and years of indulging and gorging on food that is considered to be full of fat and cholesterol have all lead to bellies that look more like cakes and gelatin, rather than the human body itself. As to why, more and more people are looking for weight loss tips specifically designed to help them lose belly fat, however, half of these tips are considered to be false, and some are ineffective.

For those who are desperate enough to try just about anything, these tips on how to lose belly fat will prove to be just as effective with the least amount of effort.

  • In order to lose belly fat, one needs to keep in mind, that losing weight is a whole body workout. Don’t focus on belly fat alone but rather, focus on the whole human body itself, the loss of belly fat will come later.
  • Even though it is scientifically proven that walking burns body fat more than running or jogging, it only does so because it doesn’t really burn effectively the glycerin, which is the product responsible for the carbohydrates in our body. As we all know, carbohydrates are one of the main causes of belly fat, and basically, being fat. In order to burn glycerin and consume the excess carbohydrates in the human body, jogging and running is definitely needed, such as other high-intensity physical activities such as sports. High-intensity exercises have also been proven to speed-up the metabolism, especially if done early in the morning.
  • Exercising has also been proven to lower the cortisol levels in the human body, which is also the by-product of stress, and is the hormones responsible for making humans have more body fat.
  • When working out, do not just focus on the abdominals. Doing so will make the appearance of body fat more obvious. It is important that if one works out, he/she must work out the whole body. Doing abdominal exercises make the abdominal muscles larger, resulting in, the bulging of belly fat. In order to avoid this, high-intensity physical activities are required to be done early in the morning, so as the fat is burned.
  • Less carbohydrates, more lean meat and protein. Carbohydrates are less filling compared to protein-based food, such as meat, milk, and even dairy products, which make people, want to eat more often. If it cannot be avoided, go for complex carbohydrates, considering that they are much harder to break-down. Examples are oats, cereals and brown rice.

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