Show Your Team Spirit with Boston Red Sox Watches

by Clem Adamson on July 14, 2010

There are few teams in baseball that garner the level of enthusiasm that Boston fans have for the Boston Red Sox. Boston Red Sox watches are one of the best ways to express that enthusiasm. It is not always practical to wear a jersey or baseball hat to show support for your favorite team. Wearing a jersey to a board meeting just would not be appropriate in most cases. Even hats cannot be worn in some places no matter how casual. Watches on the other hand can be worn anywhere.

There are several Major League Baseball licensed styles for men and women to choose from at a variety of price points. There are also officially licensed kid’s sizes from which to choose. Some of the most popular styles have the Boston Red Sox “B” in the official script. Easily identified from a distance, and set off by a team blue background, the red “B” lets everyone around you know you are a rabid Sox fan. The bold logo watches generally are more of a sports watch type that have a more casual band. The watch band can be made of nylon with a Velcro fastener. Rubberized bands are also popular for their style, flexibility and durability. The watch band could also be made of leather in black or brown for a less casual look.

Another popular watch face type integrates the famous Red Sox logo along with the team name. Prior to 1909 the team was known as the Boston Americans. The famous Red Sox logo using the graphic of two red socks was first used in 1931 for one year. Subsequently, a logo with a sock shaped figure wielding a bat took the place of the red socks for the next twenty five years from 1934 to 1959. The two red socks reappeared in 1960 and has remained a part of the official team logo ever since. This whimsical graphic lends itself well to the various casual sports type watches.

Even though baseball represents America’s favorite past time there are also watches that have a more formal style that are as classic in their appearance as any high end timepiece. Generally made entirely of metal these watches sport cases of brushed stainless steel with tasteful gold accents coupled with matching well made bands. Styles within this category range from wafer thin to substantially chunky versions. They are also readily available in styles for both men and women.

There are few sports in America that have had the length and depth of popularity that major league baseball has enjoyed. The popularity of baseball has had its ups and downs but continues to mirror the fortunes of our society in inextricable ways. This is particularly true in times of upheaval or distress. Like comfort food for the soul baseball harkens to stability and familiarity that brings sense to chaos. This is probably due to the simplicity of the game with its well understood longstanding rules.

Boston Red Sox watches reflect all of these qualities. They match the traditionalism, the precision, and the idea of parts, like players, working together like a cohesive team. They also act as a conversation piece whenever they are noticed. By displaying your team allegiance on your wrist you are bound to find kindred spirits or generate lively discussions from rivals. Either way, wearing Boston Red Sox watches will get you noticed and allow you to show your Red Sox pride in a classy way.

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