Buying Cute Baby Girl Clothes – Tips and Advice:

by GuestPoster on July 14, 2010

There are some absolutely adorable baby girl clothes on the market.  You can get baby sleepers and onesies with pretty much any design, from flowers to butterflies to Disney Princesses.  With all the variety on the market, you may find it a bit baffling to choose the right cute baby girl clothes for your new little one.

There are some practical tips you should always keep in mind when shopping for baby girl clothes.  Make sure the clothes you buy are easy to wash and dry in the dryer.  You will most likely have to wash your baby clothes quite often. Babies diapers leak and newborn babies spit up a lot (some more than others), so be prepared to do a lot of washing.  Often cotton and polyester clothes are the easiest baby clothes to work with, but for winter, you may prefer knitted items or flannel clothing to keep baby warmer.

Make sure the clothes you buy are comfortable.  If baby is not comfortable in her clothes, she will not be happy.  Some styles are quite cute but impractical; try to avoid such baby clothes.  Also, keep in mind that many babies do not like to have their clothes or diaper changed, so choose clothes that are easy to take off and put back on again.  For winter, choosing sweaters with buttons on the side or back is important, as that makes it easier to pull the sweater over your little one’s head.

Many new parents tend to overdress their new baby. This can give your little girl a heat rash, so make sure you do not put too many layers on your baby in the summer weather.  While babies do need to wear a bit more than an adult would, they should not be overdressed.  The amount of clothes you would put on your little baby girl in the summer would also depend on the air conditioner settings in your home.

While you can buy newborn baby clothes new at any supermarket, baby shop, or department store, you should also be on the lookout for garage sales and craigslist sellers who are offering baby girl clothes.  Often newborn clothes are outgrown quite quickly and still in very good condition when sold second hand.  If you have a limited budget then shopping second hand is the way to go.  You can even get expensive name brand clothes second hand at bargain prices.

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