Choose Gelert for Carrying your Hiking Gear

by GuestPoster on July 3, 2010

When it comes to mountaineering, quality gear is a must for the enjoyment and safety of the sport. Getting up the mountain is a matter of how well your gear helps you perform, which is why Gelert mountaineering gear is trusted by hikers and climbers across the country. The company was founded in 2001 as a UK company in order to provide quality gear such as packs, rucksacks, hiking equipment, tents, and sleeping bags to outdoor enthusiasts across the country. Gelert Rucksacks are competitively priced with major brands in outdoor equipment and offer many extra features that puts them above and beyond the competition.

A rucksack is a pack that is designed to be used for cross country hikes. It is one of the largest packs available on the market, much larger than your standard backpack. The rucksack is designed to be a carry all for the hiker, toting sleeping bags, clothing, and food with the hiker for as far as they will be going. Gelert manufactures several models of rucksack that are perfect for anyone going on a long trip.

The Gelert 65 10 Rucksack is one of the more popular models of rucksack available due to the huge 65 liter compartment for toting items. In addition to the 65 liter main compartment, the rucksack also features a 10 liter compartment for storing smaller items such as cooking supplies and other utensils. The entire pack is constructed from 600d polyester and is covered with nylon coating to waterproof it. This style of pack is available in many different colors, but if you are considering a trip that will last anywhere from a few days to a week, this is the pack you want to bring with you.

The Gelert Core rucksack is another slightly smaller sack than the 65 10, fitting in at 55 10 instead. It is an accessible rucksack that was designed with comfort in mind, since one of the main features is a padded waist belt to prevent discomfort when hiking. Anyone who will be going on an extended hiking trip will appreciate the comforts offered by this model of rucksack.

Another model is the Gelert Wilderness rucksack which is designed more for woods experiences than solely hiking trails. The compartments in this sack are designed to be wider for storing larger items such as a tent. The rucksack has 55 liters of space which is the same as the Core sack, yet the Wilderness rucksack is designed so that it has waterproof fabric and stainless steel zippers.

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