How To Make Tight Jeans Work In Your Wardrobe: A Primer

by GuestPoster on July 8, 2010

This season, form-fitting, tight jeans can play many roles in your wardrobe – sexy, playful, glamorous, retro-inspired. Even though stores are full of many styles that will hug your every curve, finding the perfect pair can be a challenge for many shoppers, especially if you want jeans that are both trendy and perfectly at home with the way you usually dress yourself.

With that in mind, you can benefit from some tips on demystifying your extremely tight jeans search. Think about some of these ideas and trends before you hit the malls to make it as easy as possible to find the right pair for your style and your body:

There are two basic categories of women tight jeans – those that are tight only in the hip and thigh area ad fall looser on the lower leg, and the other kind is completely form fitting. Just like they’ve been for the past few years, skinny jeans are still trendy. Girls can make them look good with a variety of shoes if they choose ankle-length jeans. Guys with a hipster-inspired style can wear skinny jeans with sneakers. Another trend this season are 70’s inspired high-waisted tight jeans. Legging-style jeans with zip openings at the ankles are another trendy look as well.

Sleek jeans without distressing or random visual features look the cleanest. Skin tight jeans made with a heavier denim cover up lumps and bumps! Darker rinses can be more flattering and classy, and make your jeans more versatile.

A way to make tighter jeans work for women with pear and apple-shaped bodies is to wear them with a top that skims the widest part of your body.

A “hippie-style” look involves wearing thigh jeans underneath dresses and tunics to combine sleek and floaty looks. Body-hugging jeans mixed with high heels make short legs look miles longer! Pairing knee-high boots with figure-hugging jeans is a colder-weather look that works for a variety of figures. Accessorizing the rest of your body can draw attention away from your jeans if you feel a little bit self-conscious. Curvier fashion-seekers can look great in tighter jeans too; all they need to do is to pair the with tops and shoes that draw attention to parts of their body that they feel more comfortable with.

Taking these tips to your next shopping trip will help anyone find a way to choose tight jeans that fit their butt and their style!

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