Build Your Teaching Portfolio with Online University Teaching Jobs

by GuestPoster on July 8, 2010

One of the biggest problems today for college professors teaching on a adjunct basis for a traditional college or university is consistent classes to teach. Budget cuts are reducing the available funds for faculty salaries, so one possible solution to filling up your teaching portfolio is to take on online university teaching jobs. The numbers of online bachelor degree programs and online master’s degree programs being offered now is truly impressive, and if you configure a search strategy that incorporates a rotational approach there is no reason not to add three or four online college courses to your traditional college teaching schedule. It is entirely possible that the personal and professional freedom you encounter teaching new and returning college students earning an online business administration degree, a communications degree online or one of the many online health-care degrees causes you to take a very hard look at the employment situation supplied by the traditional academic institutions.

Teaching as an online adjunct instructor is a chance to participate in the much discussed new economy. Face it, the Internet combined with distance education and inexpensive electronics is a powerful force in post-secondary education. The physical college campuses are simply becoming too expensive to maintain, what with the numerous energy-inefficient buildings that are decades old and the surround slabs of asphalt parking lots that have no other real purpose that to provide a temporary pit stop area for commuting students and faculty. The college administrators are counting their pennies when it comes to allocating funds, and it is clear they will chose to re-pave the parking lots long before they spend that money on a raise for adjunct faculty.

Perhaps it is high time to take matters into your own educated hands and start applying to teach for online college degree programs. With close attention to time management and a serious approach to learning how to navigate the software interfaces the online degree programs use there isn’t a reason in the world that your academic merit badges, the master’s degrees and Ph.D.s should not bring you a decent income of forty five to fifty thousand a year.

All it would take is six to eight online college classes at one time to make that amount of money show up, and if you stagger the classes so that they start at different times of the month, you could receive a nice, healthy amount of money nearly every Friday of the calendar year from online adjunct faculty positions. Think about that for a minute: no more having to eat that thin shoestring soup during the summer because the department head gave the full time faculty all the classes during the summer months. The best part of being an online adjunct instructor teaching college students earning a health administration degree online or an online social work degree is that all the academic duties can be accomplished from a laptop with Internet access. If you make the effort to build up your online teaching portfolio, the day may come when you can tell that department head it is just fine he or she doesn’t have any extra classes for you this semester because you will be teaching online for an accredited online master degree program from your new laptop while sitting in a sidewalk café in Rome.

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