New Options for Shower Curtain Rods

by GuestPoster on July 8, 2010

Shower curtain rods are not something that you replace every day. And let’s face it – it is hard to get excited about them, but they are necessary. If you haven’t purchased one in a while you may not be aware that there are several new styles and options when it comes to selecting one. Finishes are, of course, varied and where most people start when buying a curtain rod, but lets first take a look at function.  There are so many different styles and options available today though, that it can become an important feature in the bathroom’s decor.  You can coordinate this piece with other features in the room, such as the lighting, drawer pulls or other hardware.

A typical bathroom isn’t usually packed with style, so the use of a shower curtain is one way of adding a fabric or a textile to a (hopefully) sterile room. Decorative shower curtains can be really beautiful, but when they are hung on a ho-hum rod with some plastic clips, they lose some of their appeal.  These are the true finishing touches to a room that will make a difference.

Products that are designed with a bit more style can still be found in the tension type of pole. You can find them at bed and bath stores, department stores and home improvement centers, with some very attractive options for $25 or less. If you want something a bit more traditional, go with a rubbed bronze finish and ornate end caps. Use chrome or brushed nickel finish for a more contemporary look. If the tension device is not what you want, there are many new screw mount shower curtain rods available as well. You can find them in the same places the tension rods are sold.

A model that was made popular through hotels is the curved shower curtain rod. This is a rod that must be mounted to the walls with screws – not with the traditional tension. It does take a bit more time to install, but you will enjoy the extra space it gives you while using the shower. Basically what it does is it pulls the liner and curtain away from the opposite wall. It doesn’t do that annoying thing of sticking to you while showering. You can find these for around $30-$50.
Another new model that I have seen is the shower curtain towel rod combo. Basically, it has an additional bar that allows you to hang a towel over it – genius for small spaces! I imagine it would be a well used addition to a beach house as well. Perfect for hanging swimming suits and the like. You can even find a double curved shower curtain rod.

One more style for you – the L shower curtain rod. Now this rod is only used when you need it. You will need this when you are not using a 3 sided enclosure for your shower. If you have built-in shower and only have 2 walls, you will need this style of curtain rod.  You also have the option of a ceiling mount with this style for more support. These are not commonly carried in your brick and mortar stores, so you will have to go online to order one. Because they are more of a specialty rod, you will have to pay more for them too- a decent one starts around $70 and go up from there.

As with any kind of curtains, you should start with the functional and then add the pretty. Decide how you want the shower curtain to work and what kind of mounts you need.  Then find that type of rod in the finish and design you like.

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