Five Facts About Sustainable Web Hosting

by GuestPoster on July 7, 2010

To start with, what is web hosting? If you have websites of your own, you know that that web hosts are companies that operate the servers your sites run on. In fact, web hosting is a complicated procedure involving electronic security mechanisms, fire-suppression systems, Internet connections, and cooling and environmental controls. All of the thousands of data centers worldwide are set up in the same manner which means that the rapidly-growing generation of Internet sites is taking a huge toll on the environment. Within the last few years, however, the concept of sustainable web hosting has become increasingly popular in order to decrease the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases that are being pumped into the air.

The following is a list of five facts you need to understand about sustainable web hosting:

1. Sustainable web hosting, which is also referred to as green web hosting, means that a business is using clean, renewable energy to run their operations. By utilizing solar and wind power, these facilities drastically reduce the amount of carbon emissions from what they are doing. Green certificates can be purchased to provide the wind energy it takes to run their servers, office facilities, and data center. Other companies purchase solar panels and generate their own power. Either way, the energy produced is both clean and renewable and will not emit the gases that are defiling our environment.

2. Many green web hosts are also reducing the total amount of energy they use. Their offices are usually the place where this happens. They try to operate using fewer computers and their hardware, enforcing strict recycling rules, changing to energy-saving light bulbs, cutting back on the use of paper, and requiring the people who work for them to car-pool to work. Even though these measures may seem insignificant, if you could multiply them by the thousands of web hosting companies all over the world, they would amount to a lot.

3. True sustainable web hosting companies also do other things to stop damaging the environment and to actually give back. For instance, they might buy more green certificates each month than they need so as to generate extra wind power for others to use. Since greenhouse gas emissions are such a major factor in global warming, some of these companies are also planting a tree for each new customer they get in order to offset the effects.

4. Your use of an eco-friendly web host can stand you in good stead, too. Just as you choose a green hosting firm because it is proving how responsible it is by its attention to the environment, customers will choose your websites for the same reason. The more customers you can attract, the more profit you can make.

5. Sad to say, not everything in the green web hosting sector can be trusted. There are companies who want to reap the benefits of going green without  really doing so. Only their advertising says that they are green in an attempt to attract customers. If you decide to change over to a sustainable web hosting company, do some checking first. Check out the reviews that are available online, and contact the local Better Business Bureau to find out what they have to say about the company. You certainly don’t want to give your business to one of the fraudulently-green companies. We also haven’t developed the perfect way to generate wind energy in that the giant wind turbines kill many birds.

Although progress has been made in the area of green web hosting, we still have a ways to go; however, the efforts being made by some companies are starting to make a difference. By signing on with a sustainable web host you’ll be aligning yourself with the movement to clean up our planet.

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